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Asia Pacific Biotech News
Asia Pacific Biotech News (APBN) was first established in year 1997. For many years, the publishing firm World Scientific Publishing has been printing the APBN magazine and has circulated the prints within a small inner circle of professionals. In mid-August 2015, some changes are introduced to the magazine; in print and on the website. The main motivation is to bring biotech and life sciences news in a comprehensive and concise manner to, but not limited to, clinicians, research scientists, students and biotech investors.

The print edition appears once a month. Articles published in APBN are clear, concise and comprehensive. In accordance to the theme of the issue, editors serve to provide a good coverage of news and information in the School of Life Sciences; e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Policies & Regulatory Affairs, Acquisitions, Food & Agriculture, and Technology.

The web-content is updated on a regular basis, particularly, Twitter and Editors' Choice. You can now find the printed APBN copies at Kinokuniya Singapore's main bookstore at Takashimaya Shopping Center (391 Orchard Road, #04-20/20B/20C Ngee Ann City).

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Readership Profile

APBN serves to provide latest news and noteworthy information for professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The materials published in APBN (print and online) are interactive elements for investors, academics and researchers. This intellectual exchange is a clear, comprehensive and insightful platform for a broad-spectrum of audience located in Asia-Pacific, and international audience who are keen to know more about the biotechnology and healthcare industries in Asia-Pacific.

At APBN, the editors and contributing authors provide a good coverage of news published in Mandarin/ Chinese from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. News are verified and translated to English by in-house editors. One of our predominant goals is to broadcast news, articles, and events to companies located in Asia, Europe, India, and America.

Permission to Share

We are a firm believer in open-access of information, and with appropriate source or citation indicated at the end of each article. Information and media (e.g. videos, sound clips) would have had received appropriate permission for sharing and, publishing on the website and print.

For original content published by World Scientific & APBN editors or contributing authors, please seek for permission via email addressing to APBN editors: biotech_edit@wspc.com


If you are keen to learn more about editorial work and journalism, forward a copy of your CV to: biotech_edit@wspc.com

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Asia Pacific Biotech News

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Guest Editorial - Biomedical Research Governance
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Guest Editorial - Antibody Informatics In Japan
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