LATEST UPDATES » Vol 21, No 11, November 2017 – Paediatric Illnesses       » Breakthrough new rice variety announced in Northern China       » Ebola vaccine approved in China       » Study reveals anti-cancer properties of a fungus used in traditional medicine       » Chinese scientists create genetically modified low-fat pigs       » China, Brazil and Russia are riskiest markets for compliance and regulation       » Why are Korean eggs salmonella-free?      
Available Issues
Volume 21 (2017)
Number 11 (Nov)- Paediatric Illnesses
Number 10 (Oct)- A change of heart — Cardiovascular diseases
Number 09 (Sep)- Infectious Diseases
Number 08 (Aug)- Eye – the Window to your Soul
Number 07 (Jul)- Food Science & Technology
Number 06 (Jun)- Advocacies in Support of Rare Disease Patients
Number 05 (May)- Insights Into the Brain & microRNAs
Number 04 (Apr)- Diabetes: The Big Picture
Number 03 (Mar)- Get to Know TCM
Number 02 (Feb)- Cancer Research, Treatment/Technology
Number 01 (Jan)- Healthcare Focus: LUNGS
Volume 20 (2016)
Number 12 (Dec)- Orthopaedics
Number 11 (Nov)- Digital Transformation of Healthcare
Number 10 (Oct)- Medical Tourism
Number 09 (Sep)- Infectious Diseases
Number 08 (Aug)- Novel Technologies for Antibody Drug Discovery in Japan
Number 07 (Jun)- Water Technology and Management
Number 06 (Jun)- Medical Devices & Healthcare Technology
Number 05 (May)- Healthcare Systems & Policies in Asia
Number 04 (Apr)- Leading-Edge ONCOLOGY
Number 03 (Mar)- Life-Saving Opportunities: A Guide to Regenerative Medicine
Number 02 (Feb)- Biomedical Research Governance
Number 01 (Jan)- Biotechnology in Korea
Volume 19 (2015)
Number 12 (Dec)- What's your 3600 view?
Number 11 (Nov)- Clear Air
Number 10 (Oct)- Big Data: Healthcare & Drug Development
Number 09 (Sep)- The Asean Economic Community and Asia's Life Sciences Industry
Number 08 (Aug)- Biofuels
Number 07 (Jul)- Preventative and Translational Medicine
Number 06 (Jun)- Start-Up Biotech Companies
Number 04 & 05
(April & May)
- Universal Health Coverage
Number 03 (Mar)- Nutrition
Number 02 (Feb)- Robotics in Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends and Predictions for 2015
Volume 18 (2014)
Number 12 (Dec)- Biomaterials
Number 11 (Nov)- Infectious Pathogens and Antibiotics
Number 10 (Oct)- Clinical Trials
Number 09 (Sep)- Bioinformatics
Number 08 (Aug)- Public-Private partnerships in the Biopharma industry
Number 07 (Jul)- Translational Medicine
Number 06 (Jun)- Neuroethics
Number 05 (May)- Synthetic Biology
Number 04 (Apr)- Diseases of an aging population
Number 03 (Mar)- Vaccines
Number 02 (Feb)- Digital Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends in the Biotech Industry 2014
Volume 17 (2013)
Number 12 (Dec)- Best of 2013
Number 10 & 11
(Oct - Nov)
- Scientific Communication
Number 09 (Sep)- Cancer
Number 08 (Aug)- Healing From Within — A Look At Stem Cells
Number 07 (Jul)- The Business of Life Science
Number 06 (Jun)- Corporate Social Responsibility in Healthcare
Number 05 (May)- Asia — The Future in Generics & Biosimilars
Number 04 (Apr)- Thailand Biotech
Number 03 (Mar)- Taiwan Biotech
Number 02 (Feb)- Insights to Life Science 2013
Number 01 (Jan)- Bio-Nanotech
Volume 16 (2012)
Number 12 (Dec)- Best of APBN 2012
Number 10 & 11
(Oct & Nov)
- Bio-related Robotics
Number 09 (Sep)- Unveiling Vaccines
Number 08 (Aug)- Singapore's Next-Gen Researchers
Number 07 (Jul)- Umbilical Cord Blood
Number 06 (Jun)- Clinical Research Labs in China
Number 05 (May)- Biofuels
Number 04 (Apr)- Bioethics
Number 03 (Mar)- Stem Cells
Number 02 (Feb)- Antibiotics
Number 01 (Jan)- Metabolic Syndrome
Volume 15 (2011)
Number 12 (Dec)- Korea Biotech
Number 11 (Nov)- Virus: Forms and Functions
Number 10 (Oct)- Hong Kong Biotech
Number 09 (Sep)- BioIndia
Number 08 (Aug)- Personalized Medicine
Number 07 (Jul)- Stem Cells
Number 06 (Jun)- Healthcare
Number 05 (May)- BioEthics
Number 04 (Apr)- Ophthalmology
Number 03 (Mar)- The Best of APBN
Number 02 (Feb)- BioImaging
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends in Life Science Analysis
Volume 14 (2010)
Number 12 (Dec)- Bioengineering
Number 11 (Nov)- Medicinal Plants
Number 10 (Oct)- Diagnostic Microbiology Technology
Number 09 (Sep)- Biomimicry
Number 08 (Aug)- Traditional Chinese Medicine
Number 07 (Jul)- Excellence in Asia-Pacific Healthcare
Number 05 & 06
(May & Jun)
- ASEAN Eco Efforts & Healthcare
Number 04 (Apr)- Biotech IP Law and Regulation
Number 03 (Mar)- Stem Cells
Number 02 (Feb)- Biopharmaceuticals
Number 01 (Jan)- Medical Tourism
Volume 13 (2009)
Number 12 (Dec)- Aesthetic Medicine
Number 11 (Nov)- Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Number 10 (Oct)- Medical Devices
Number 09 (Sep)- Brain Science
Number 08 (Aug)- The Science of Nutrition
Number 07 (Jul)- Excellence in Asia-Pacific Healthcare
Number 06 (Jun)- Traditional Chinese Medicine
Number 05 (May)- Vaccines and Immunology
Number 04 (Apr)- Emerging Trends in Biotechnology
Number 03 (Mar)- Cancer
Number 02 (Feb)- Infectious Diseases
Number 01 (Jan)- Food Safety
Volume 12 (2008)
Number 14 (Dec)- Riding the Dragon: Biotechnology in China
Number 13 (Nov)- Water and Energy Renewal
Number 12 (Oct)- International Science Luminaries - Pillars of Singapore's Research Community
Number 11 (Sep)- Bioentrepreneurship Bioventures
Number 10 (Aug)- Cancer Research
Number 09 (Jul)- Australia's Biodiversity
Number 08 (Jun)- Childhood Leukemia
Number 07 (May)- Medical Tourism
Number 06 (Apr)- Rice Research in Asia Pacific
Number 05 (Mar)- Disaster Medicine
Number 04 (Feb)- Biotech and Nutrition
Number 03 (Feb)- Biotech Companies in Asia Pacific
Number 02 (Jan)- Bio-education
Number 01 (Jan)- Leading Biotech Companies in Asia Pacific
Volume 11 (2007)
Number 23n24
- Best of 2007
Number 22 (Nov)- Biologistics
Number 21 (Nov)- Medical Diagnostics
Number 20 (Oct)- Childhood Cancers
Number 19 (Oct)- Medical Tourism
Number 17n18 - Alternative Medicine & Cancer: Part II
Number 16 (Aug)- Alternative Medicine & Cancer: Part I
Number 15 (Aug)- Bioinformatics in Japan
Number 14 (Jul)- Clinical Research Hubs in the Asia Pacific
Number 13 (Jul)- CEOs in Biotech
Number 12 (Jun)- Biotechnology in Taiwan
Number 11 (Jun)- Natural Medicine
Number 10 (May)- Biomedical Devices
Number 09 (May)- Biofuels
Number 08 (Apr)- Biotechnology in Malaysia and Thailand
Number 07 (Apr)- Drug Discovery
Number 06 (Mar)- Drug Delivery
Number 05 (Mar)- Biomedical Innovations
Number 04 (Feb)- Women in Science
Number 03 (Feb)- Top Scientists in Asia Pacific
Number 02 (Jan)- IT in Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Grand Challenges in Biodiversity Informatics
Volume 10 (2006)
Number 24 (Dec)- Bioinformatics in Asia Pacific
Number 23 (Dec)- Lipidomics
Number 22 (Nov)- Biostatistics
Number 21 (Nov)- Clinical Trials in Asia Pacific
Number 20 (Oct)- Bioethics
Number 19 (Oct)- Telemedicine
Number 18 (Sep)- Pharmacogenomics
Number 17 (Sep)- Biotechnology in Korea
Number 16 (Aug)- Drug Discovery
Number 15 (Aug)- Medical Education in Asia Pacific
Number 14 (Jul)- Bird Flu
Number 13 (Jul)- SCBA Meeting
Number 12 (Jun)- Cancer Research
Number 11 (Jun)- AIDS Research
Number 10 (May)- Biotourism
Number 09 (May)- Vaccine Biotechnology
Number 08 (Apr)- Singapore Biotechnology
Number 07 (Apr)- Biometrics
Number 06 (Mar)- Bioimaging
Number 05 (Mar)- Argotechnology
Number 04 (Feb)- Bioinformatics
Number 03 (Feb)- Systems Biology
Number 02 (Jan)- Bird Flu
Number 01 (Jan)- Celebrating APBN's 10th Anniversary: Journey of Silkworm from Silkroad to Bioroad
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 Volume 8 (2004)

 Volume 7 (2003)

 Volume 6 (2002)

 Volume 5 (2001)

 Volume 4 (2000)

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 Volume2 (1998)

 Volume1 (1997)
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