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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol.1, No.23 . 16 Feb 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  Chinese MOA Approves Microbial Fertilizers
•  ASEAN to Standardize Drug Registration
•  China Revises Policy to Promote Agriculture
•  China May Extend Ban on Offshore Fishing
•  Singapore to Pass Bill Which Redefines 'Death'

Major Event
•  Sichuan Induces Foreign Investment in Agriculture
•  First Foreign Biotech Center Set Up in China
•  Increased Surveillance for 'Bird Flu' to be Continued

Research News
•  American Scientists Successfully Clone Genetically Engineered Calves
•  Scientists Reveal Finding on Ageing
•  Anti-Cancer Drugs: Breakthrough in Monoclonal Antibody Research
•  Grafting Produces Pest-Resistant Eggplants

Chinese Medicine
•  Medical Uses of Yujin
•  Chinese Medicine Used to Reduce Body Heat
•  TCM to Corner Diabetes, Gout Market

Company News
•  Yunan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd
•  Canadian Packaging Company Expands into Asia
•  Dow AgroSciences and SemBioSys form Alliance
•  The Hubei Anqi Biotechnology Corporation
•  Gensel Develops Sex-Determining Technology

General Information & Statistics
•  Shanghai's Greenhouses Generate Impressive Vegetable Sales
•  1988's Predictions for Food and Health Trends
•  Industry Races to Find Cure for Diabetes
•  HK Steps Up Technology Transfer Policy

•  TCM Education in HKU

What We Hear
•  ISAAA Appoints Director for New SEAsiaCenter

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events