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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Eye on China


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Pharma Sales
Vol.2, No.16 . 17 August 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  Swiss Protein Databank to Revert Charges to Customers
•  Banning Phosphorus Curbs Growth of Algae

Major Event
•  India Agrees to Sign Patent Treaty
•  WHO to Incresase Funding for China's Health Development

Feature Article
•  Patent Law and the Development of Biotechnology (Part III)

Research News
•  Transgenic Fluorescent Fish
•  Important Progress in Human Genome Research of Fudan University
•  China Plans to Clone Giant Panda
•  Build-Up of Atmospheric Halon-1202: Increase in Damage to Ozone Layer Feared

Chinese Medicine
•  The Curative Properties of 'Machixian'
•  'Tianshili': A New ChineseCardiovascular Medicine
•  'Baishu' and its Uses

Company News
•  Biopesticide Bt Findings Liscensed to Mycogen Corporation by KOMITECH and KRIBB
•  Dekalb and AgrEvo to Drop Suits Against One Another
•  First Quarter Results of Chrysalis
•  Hennessey Outlines Plans for Expansion in China

General Information & Statistics
•  India's Water Crisis
•  Project Underway to Tame 'Red Bull' Desert
•  Singapore's Agrotechnology Parks Grow Fruit Trees
•  Approved Genetically-Engineered Drugs in China

Outstanding Asian Scientists
•  Dr. Margaret Ann Liu

•  Chinese Patents

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