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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Eye on China


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Pharma Sales
Vol.2, No.25 & 26 . 26 October 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  Restricted Access to Fishing Areas in Bad Times
•  India Bans Export of Onions

Major Event
•  The Human Genome Project: Complete Sequencing Expected By 2003
•  Business-Minded Chinese Scientists in Demand

Feature Article
•  Taiwan¡¯s Academia Sinica Forges Ahead

Research News
•  Complete Mapping of Chlamydia Genome Paves Way for Making Better Drugs
•  China¡¯s Human Genome Program
•  Immunological Techniques to Combat Fish Diseases
•  Modified Penicillin Kills Resistant Bacteria
•  Toxin That Treats Excessive Perspiration
•  White Meat May Not Be Healthier than Red Meat
•  Paracetamol: Cause of Liver Failure in Children

Chinese Medicine
•  Alkaloids in Chinese Drugs

Company News
•  Sales of Viagra Drop
•  The Biotechnological War between Amgen and J&J

General Information & Statistics
•  Soybean Futures Plummets
•  India Plans to Increase Black Pepper Production

What We Hear
•  The Men Behind Viagra Win Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

Outstanding Asian Scientists
•  Professor Zhu Zuoyan

News In Brief
•  Thailand Aids Burma in Malaria Eradication

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events