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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol.2, No.27 . 2 November 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  India Likely to Approve Use of Transgenic Crops by 2000

Major Event
•  Rootworm Beetles Change Behavior, Creates Havoc in US Cornfields
•  Hepatitis C Lurks in Unsuspecting Americans
•  India Hopes to Become a Key Exporter of Drugs to Indonesia

Research News
•  Project on Aging Becomes Subject of Controversy
•  Human Cells Cultured for Organ Tissue Replacement at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
•  CSIRO Scientists Develop Speedy Diagnosis of Newcastle Disease

Chinese Medicine
•  Lotus Leaf Wonder Drug for the Summer?
•  Chinese Drug Industry Undergoes Industrialization

Company News
•  RCI Battles for Top Spot in OTC Pharmaceuticals
•  Dow to Help Commercialize Technologies

General Information & Statistics
•  Growing Industrial Demand for Starches Calls for More R&D of Tropical Starches
•  Silicon Promotes Growth of Sugarcane

•  International Ginseng Conference to be Held in Hong Kong Next Year

•  Chinese Patents

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