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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.2, No.29 & 30 . 23 November 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  India to Recognize Product Patents
•  Shanghai to Restructure Manufacturing Sector

Major Event
•  IsraelĄ¯s Involvement in ThailandĄ¯s Agricultural Industry
•  India Opens First Freshwater Prawn Hatchery
•  Cocoa Straight from Ivory Coast
•  China Opens Center in Support of Agricultural Modernization
•  ADB to Boost Agriculture

Research News
•  Fructan as a Healthier Substitute for Sucrose
•  Linking Mitochondrial Evolution to Human Genetic Diseases

Company News
•  Sun Pharmaceuticals -- for Investment
•  GEMS to Expand Operations in India

General Information & Statistics
•  China Pays for Rocking World Commodity Markets
•  Challenges Facing Wild Silkworms in India
•  TB Epidemic May Hit Asia
•  Survey on Science and Technology in Beijing and Shanghai
•  Potato Boom in Thailand
•  Less Turtles Nesting on Malaysian Beaches

Outstanding Asian Scientists
•  Professor Tadamitsu Kishimoto

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events