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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.3, No.04 . 22 February 1999

Policies & Regulations
•  Study Calls for Improvement of Seed Import and Export Regulations
•  India Relaxes Ban on Onion Exports
•  Hong Kong Passes Chinese Medicine Bill to Regulate TCM Practice

Major Event
•  Singapore Gearing Up to Become Knowledge-based Economy

Research News
•  Growing Blight-Resistant Rice Plants
•  New Technique for Protein Modification

Chinese Medicine
•  Expert Panel Reports Findings on Traditional Chinese Drug Granules
•  'Qianshi' and its Medicinal Properties

Company News
•  PPL Expands Transgenic Sheep Flock
•  Anti-Drowsiness Drug Given Marketing Approval by FDA
•  RGP, GD Searle Sign Agreement on Use of Brand Names
•  McDonald's Co., Japan Going Public
•  Japan's Drug Cos. Launch New Products in Face of Price Cuts

General Information & Statistics
•  China Produces Foie Gras
•  How Useful are Transgenic Plants?
•  Marine Fish Production in India Increases
•  Integrated Farming of Rice and Fish Increases Yield
•  China to Expand Organic Farming
•  Challenges Surrounding the Livestock Industry in Asia
•  Transgenic Rice, Technology of the Future

Outstanding Asian Scientist
•  Professor Har Gobind Khorana

•  Japanese Patents

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