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Vol.3, No.09 . 3 May 1999

Policies & Regulations
•  Japan Lifts Ban on Rice Imports
•  NPPA Revises Drug Prices

Major Event
•  Project Launched to Improve Japan's Gene Technology
•  Rh.ne-Poulenc Wins Legal Battle Against Dekalb
•  Rh.ne-Poulenc Opens Multifaceted Center in Singapore

Research News
•  CSIRO Scientists Develop Vaccine for Classical Swine Fever
•  IARI Develops Hybrid Basmati Strain
•  Edible Plant Vaccines Promise Success

Chinese Medicine
•  'Gegen' Has Anti-Cancer Property
•  Jingzhou Now the Largest Exporter of 'Fuling'

Company News
•  Changing Trends in Biotechnology Business
•  Unilever Enters Chinese Green Tea Market
•  Monsanto Acquires 51% Stake in South African Seed Company
•  Pharmacopeia Buys Remaining Shares of TMSI
•  Fujisawa Pharm in Research Alliance with Quark Biotech
•  Hoechst Shering Acquires Stake in Mitsu
•  Glaxo Takes over ICI Brands

General Information & Statistics
•  Thai Farmers to Grow Transgenic Crops
•  India Helps Other Countries Increase Milk Production
•  India's Medicinal Plants Threatened
•  Shanghai's Booming Biomedical Industry

News In Brief
•  SETC Predicts Growth for China's Pharmaceutical Industry
•  BASF Increases Investments in China
•  Alpharma's BMD* Approved in Australia and New Zealand

•  Rubber Conference in Thailand

Outstanding Scientist
•  Professor Guofan Hong

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events


Credits to: American Chemical Society

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