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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.3, No.11 . 31 May 1999

Letter To Apbn
•  Zhu Lilan (China's Minister for Science and Technology) gives her views and insights on biotechnology in the country

Policies & Regulations
•  China Introducing Measures to Boost Trade
•  Food Fortification in Australia and New Zealand to Be Liberalized

Major Event
•  Australia's 1999 Budget Boosts Biotechnology Research
•  Japan Pledges to Deregulate Key Industries

Research News
•  Instant Rice to Be on Supermarket Shelves Soon
•  High Density Planting Increases Cashew Yield
•  HKUST Develops One-Minute Heart Attack Test
•  HIFU -- A New Form of Cancer Treatment
•  Cocktail Gene Transfer Method Shows High Efficiency
•  Australian Scientists Develop Oral Plant Vaccines
•  Broad Beans May Protect Against Cancer
•  Scientists Find Possible Cause of Cleft Palate

Alternative Medicine
•  TCM in the Next Millennium

Company News
•  China-Canada Fertilizer Trade
•  Nippon Glaxo Ltd. and Nippon Wellcome to Merge
•  Sales up for Bristol-Myers but down for Novartis and DuPont
•  Tata Tea to Acquire Estates in Africa
•  Balding Men Seek Treatment with Proscar

General Information & Statistics
•  Sino-Swiss Trade Expected to Increase
•  India's Export Figures "Not Scaled Down"

•  Frontiers in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events