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Vol.3, No.16 . 9 Aug 1999

Policies & Regulations
•  Japan Revamps Farming Policies withNew Basic Law
•  Codex Commission Approves New International Guidelines for Food Safety

Major Event
•  Asia Can Have Faster Access to New Cancer Drugs
•  Singapore to Have a New State-of-the-Art Veterinary Public Health Center

Research News
•  Another Breakthrough in Human Cancer Research
•  Take GM Honey, instead of Injections
•  Fight Against Malaria: A New Ray of Hope?
•  Achievements in ¡®Ganlan¡¯ Cabbage Cultivation
•  A Step Closer to a New TB Vaccine
•  Short Plants Bear Large Gains

Alternative Medicine
•  Minerals in Chinese Medicine

Company News
•  Chiron to Supply Bulk Vaccines to China
•  Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Invests US$65 million in Singapore

General Information & Statistics
•  Hong Kong as a Hub for Chinese Medicine
•  Increasing Number of AIDS Cases in Japan and China
•  EDB Reports on Singapore¡¯s Venture Capital Industry for 1999
•  Commercializing Genetic Research in Japan
•  Darjeeling Tea Industry Faces New Challenges

•  Chinese Patents

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