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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.3, No.19 . 20 Sep 1999

Policies & Regulations
•  Further Opening of China¡¯s Doors to Foreign Investors
•  India Bans Production of Hemoglobin

Major Event
•  Singapore Aims to Become a Premier Chemicals Hub
•  A Better Approach to Controlling Pests
•  The Contraceptive Pill Arrives in Japan

Research News
•  Better Rice Strains for the Future
•  DNA Fingerprinting To Aid Thai Agriculture
•  US Scientists Grow Environment-Friendly Trees
•  CSIRO¡¯s Plans to Improve Food Crops

Alternative Medicine
•  China Medical College

Company News
•  Investing in the Australian Biotechnology Sector
•  Tissue-Engineered Heart Valve Implants Made Possible by CryoLife
•  US Biotech Company May Set Up its R&D Base in Singapore

General Information & Statistics
•  USDA Predicts Global Rice Harvest Rebound for this Year
•  Plunge in Malaysian Palm Oil Prices
•  India to Set up Pilot Units for Making Low-Cost, High Energy Foods
•  Cancer Statistics in Japan
•  Heavy Rains Cause Coffee Production to Drop in Indonesia

•  Master of Applied Science in Biopharmaceuticals Program

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events