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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.4, No.05 . 6 Mar 2000

Policies & Regulations
•  India to Promote Pharmaceutical Industry
•  China Regulates Drug Research

Major Event
•  Korea to Boost Scientific Research
•  Biomedicine Industrial Park Established in Anhui, China
•  Hong Kong Establishes University-based Drug Evaluation Laborator
•  Optimistic Surge in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Investments in Taiwan

Research News
•  Chinese Scientist Discovers Mutant of Hepatitis B Virus Antigen
•  ICAR To Develop Genetically Engineered Crops
•  China Creates Clones from Somatic Cells of Goat

Alternative Medicine
•  Traditional Chinese Flu Medicine Doing Well in the US and Europe

New Product
•  Protein Patent Query System (PPQS)

Company News
•  Ranbaxy Labs Draw Profits
•  Celera in Final Stages of Decoding the Human Genome
•  Bayer and Incyte Enter into Genomic Partnership
•  Bayer and Exelixis Collaborate in Insecticide Research

General Information & Statistics
•  Information Brochure on GM Foods Released in Australia
•  China to Grow More Soybeans
•  India Signs First Wheat Export Deal in Four Years
•  Increase of Korean Exports to Japan

What We Hear
•  Dr. Khush Awarded the 2000 Wolf Prize for Agriculture

•  Recent Progress in Biotechnology

•  Chinese Patents

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