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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol.4, No.10 . 15 May 2000

Policies & Regulations
•  Organic Food Production in China Increases
•  China's Largest Health Products Center Opens in Hebei
•  Taiwan's Agricultural Industry Development Fund Targets Investments
•  Seed Industry Unites to Protect Breeders' Rights
•  China Decentralizes Approval Process for Foreign Investments

•  Medical Informatics Hubs in the Heart of South East Asia

Alternative Medicine
•  Global Herbal Medicine Expected to Reach US$5 trillion by 2050

Company News
•  Compound to Optimize Plant Yield Launched
•  Ranbaxy's Net Profit Down for First Quarter
•  Takeda Chemical Zooms in on Pharmaceuticals

Research News
•  Rabbit Surrogate Mother for Giant Panda
•  Chinese Herbal Extracts Can be Used to Treat Pediatric Asthma
•  TPA Clinical Trials to Begin Soon in Japan
•  India to Increase Investment in Pharmaceutical R&D

General Information & Statistics
•  Yunnan to Build ˇ°Chinese Biotech Valleyˇ±
•  India Frustrated Over Basmati Rice Patent
•  Taiwan on Enterovirus Alert
•  Legionnaire's Outbreak in Australia
•  Falling Water Tables and Their Impact on World Grain Prices

•  M.A. in Biotechnology, By Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

•  Recent Patents on Blood Coagulation Filed in Japan

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