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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 7, No 25, 8 December 2003

Industry Watch
•  Progen Focuses on Cancer Research
•  China's Antiviral R&D Making Progress
•  India's Hepatitis B Vaccine Market
•  NPIL Commences Cancer Drug Trials
•  New Vaccines for Rotavirus Diarrhea
•  HIV Drug for SARS Treatment?
•  Rapid Hepatitis E Diagnostic Kits Available Soon
•  Successful Human Trials of Bionics’ AirwayClear Device
•  OTS Concludes Lung Cancer Gene Licensing
•  Pfizer Builds New Headquarters in Taiwan
•  ScinoPharm Awarded for Biopharmaceutical Successes

Products/Services Highlight
•  Olympus's Latest High-Resolution Endoscope

Research Findings
•  Spleen Cells Found to Regenerate Diabetic Pancreas in Mice
•  Researchers Uncover Genetic Link between Smoking and Breathlessness

Rules & Regulations
•  Singapore Supports Cloning for Therapeutic Purposes

•  GM Technology to Counter World Starvation?

Commentaries & Analyses
•  China's Medical Industry in First Half 2003

General News
•  Increased Flu Vaccine Production to Guard against SARS
•  First Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplant in Japan
•  Multimillion Dollar Life Sciences Facility in Okinawa
•  New Zealand Focuses on Biomaterials Production
•  Singapore Government's Initiatives for Life Sciences

Global Development
•  The 2003 Nobel Prize Goes to MRI Founders

•  Probing Cell Death on A Foreign Land

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