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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Pharma Sales
Vol 8, No 03, 15 February 2004

Industry Watch
•  AustCancer to Expand
•  Adipogen Receives Investment for Development of Obesity Drug
•  Hepatitis B Drug Spearheads Novartisí China Expansion
•  Dr. Reddy's Switching to Drug Discovery
•  One-test-fits-all for Cancer

Products/Services Highlight
•  JPSL Applies Agilent's Cancer Tool
•  Torrent Launches New Respiratory Tract Pills

Research Findings
•  Catching a Cold to Cure Cancer
•  Clioquinol May Halt Alzheimer's
•  Researchers Find Genetic Clue to Cancer Relapse
•  GE E.coli for Human Glycoproteins Production?
•  Brain Tissues of CJD Patients Studied

Rules & Regulations
•  FDA Biotech Approvals Up in 2003
•  NPPA Reduces Imported Drugs Prices

•  Bt Cotton Benefits Chinese Farmers
•  India Launches Transgenic Crops Development Program
•  Patent Disputes in Rice Research

Alternative Medicine
•  Scientists Learn More about Anti-malarial Chinese Shrub

Commentaries & Analyses
•  Impact of the SARS Outbreak on the Canadian Economy

General News
•  Japan Produces Human Embryonic Stem Cells
•  Avian Flu Hits Japan
•  Virtual Colonoscopy Promises Efficient Colorectal Cancer Detection

Global Development
•  WHO Update on Avian Influenza A (H5N1) in Humans
•  American Military Allowed to Continue Vaccination against Anthrax

•  Father of Stem Cells -- Ariff Bongso

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