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Pharma Sales
Vol 8, No 11, 15 June 2004

Industry Watch
•  AustCancer Acquires Galenica Pharmaceuticals Inc.
•  New Approved National New Drugs
•  Hepatitis Blockbuster?
•  Antithrombotics Market in China
•  Win-win Partnership between Orchid and Par Pharma
•  Japan Tobacco Inc. Launches HIV Drug in Japan
•  Daiichi Markets Ototopical Antibiotic in Single-dispensing Container
•  IP: Eye on Singapore's Biomedical Science Industry
•  Singapore's Biomedical Science Industry's 2003 Performance

Products/Services Highlight
•  TNT Launches Clinical Express

Rules & Regulations
•  SFDA Revised Policies for Imported Drugs

•  Bayer CropScience Enters License Agreement with CSIRO
•  India's Public Sector Lagging Behind in GM Developments
•  Funds Raising for New GM Food Labeling Venture Aquas
•  Indian Farmers Benefiting from Bollgard Cotton
•  Proposal to Streamline Commercial GM Crops Planting Approval
•  Fields of Black Gold - Energy Crops

Commentaries & Analyses
•  Tackling the Virus: Patent Analysis Unravels Promising Technologies to Combat Avian Influenza
•  The Impact of SARS on the Philippines Economy

Conference Calendar
•  3rd Asia Pacific Anti-ageing Conference & Exhibition 2004