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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
Biotech in China
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Eye on China


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Pharma Sales
Vol 8, No 19, 15 October 2004

•  NZ Biotech Given Monetary Boost
•  Chinese Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology
•  Curry Leaves May Help Control Diabetes
•  GM Potato to Feed India's Poorest Children
•  Online NZ Biomirror in NZ
•  Transgenic Tobacco Promising for Biopharmaceuticals

Industry Watch
•  AustCancer Licenses Phase I/II Pancreatic Cancer Drug
•  US Government Fund Injection for Biota's Influenza Research
•  Peplin Pouched US Patent for Anti-Cancer Compounds
•  New Licensor for Receptor Mimic Technology
•  Bionomics and Athena in Epilepsy License Deal
•  The Emerging China Hospital Industry
•  New Hope Hepatitis B Patients in China
•  Tackling Lamivudine Resistant HBV
•  Merck Appoints New NZ Distributor
•  Solutions to Diabetic Heart Disease

Products/Services Highlight
•  NeuroVision's New Operation Center in Singapore
•  CordLife Appoints Worldwide Distributors

Research Findings
•  Gene Analysis Tool LongSAGE

Rules & Regulations
•  Australia Divided Over Cloning
•  China Implementing Hospital Drug Procurement System
•  Therapeutic Cloning Only

•  Antibiotics Replacement Products in Demand
•  BoviQuest & Merial in Milk Genes License
•  Antibiotics Replacement Products in Demand
•  USDA Tightened Pharma Crop Farming Legislation

General News
•  Antibacterial Contact Lenses
•  NZ on Whooping Cough Alert
•  Erectile Dysfunction Study in Singapore

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