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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 9, Nos 01-02, 30 January 2005

•  Singapore Firm Receives US$1 Million from NIH
•  Science Crosses Political Barriers
•  Soiken Developing Health Drink with Unnamed Partner
•  Cipla Launches Arthritis Drug Mobix
•  Drought - A Global Concern
•  Big Money in Human Tissue Trade

Tsunami Feature Section
•  The Science of Helping Others - Reaching Out to the Tsunami Victims
•  Asian Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts - So Far, So Good
•  Water Woes
•  Tsunami's Impact on the Environment
•  Fishing Industries Severely Hit by Tsunamis

Industry Watch
•  BioDiem Enters Into Influenza Vaccine Deal With Nobilon
•  AsiaPharm Seeks S'pore IPO Listing
•  Dr Reddy's to Set Up R&D Facility in China
•  GeneCare Research Institute Granted License to Commercialize RNAi Therapeutics

Research Findings
•  WEHI Cracks Down on Marlaria Parasite Survival Codes
•  At the Forefront of Bone Tissue Engineering Research
•  Human SARS Antibody Identified!

Rules & Regulations
•  New Patent Laws May Threaten India's Supply of Cheap Anti-retroviral Drugs

•  GM Crops Flourish in China
•  Asia Will Make or Break GM Food Debate

General News
•  International Environmentally Friendly Cooperation
•  Singapore Scientists Awarded US$1 Million Grant by US NIH for Human Genome Work
•  Harvard Plans Largest Private Stem Cell Institute

•  Fostering Biotech in Malaysia

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