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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol.9, No 05, 15 March 2005

•  Singapore Dengue Group Receives United States NIH Grant
•  More Collaborations from 2005's Major Indian Biotech Event
•  Optiscan/Pentax's Flexible Endomicroscope On Track
•  ChemGenex Receives European Allowance for Cancer Drug Patent
•  Demand for Maize in Asia to Shoot Up
•  New Technique Developed for Salinity Tolerant Plants

Industry Watch
•  Nandan Biomatrix Plans for IPO
•  Takeda Phamaceutical Boosts Presence in US Drug Discovery Market
•  Acupuncture in a Pill
•  Biosensors Expands Its Presence in Asia-Pacific
•  Miltenyi Biotec Establishes Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Research Findings
•  Vitamin Fortification Could Play a Role in Genetic Selection
•  Using the Zebrafish to Study Human Diseases
•  New Bone Implants That Resemble Natural Bone

•  Rampant Local Opposition to NZ Backing of Terminator Genes

General News
•  World's Largest Stem Cell Facility Opens in Melbourne
•  China's Rising Wood Imports Worrying for World Supply
•  Government to Assist in Million Dollar Boost to Biotech

•  Singapore Welcomes Sir David Lane

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