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Pharma Sales
Vol 10, No 18, 30 September 2006 - Pharmacogenomics


•  ASIC Sues Citrofresh
•  IDT's Blackman, Mattick Awarded "Science Oscars"
•  Medical Fellowship in Honor of Zhou
•  Stem Cell Sciences Joins European Program

•  Johnson & Johnson Breaks Ground for the Biggest Base in Asia
•  Beijing Sinovac Biotech Seeks Volunteers for 2nd Bird Flu Vaccine Trial
•  CAS Establishes Five More Research Institutes
•  China to Increase Support for Drug Research and Production
•  Chinese Government Reduces Drug Price

Hong Kong
•  Shaw Prize for Six Scientists

•  India Ayurvedic Medicine Gives Hope to Alzheimer
•  Indian Drug Maker Buys DHA

•  Indonesia Opens up Access to Bird Flu Gene Codes

•  Takeda's Actos Reduces Risk of Second Stroke

•  KL's New Initiatives for its Biotech Industry

•  Professor Philip Ingham to Boost Singapore's Biomedical Drive
•  Health Agreements Between Singapore and Chinese Companies
•  Biosensors Confident of Approval for its Stent
•  More Drug Companies Conducting Trials in Singapore
•  New Breed of Doctors to be Trained at Duke-NUS Medical School

•  Taiwan Hosts International Biologics and Vaccine Conference
•  Taiwan and Vietnam Sign Agreement to Fight Disease
•  Taiwan to Invest NT$300 million for Biofuel Research Efforts
•  Taiwan's Medical Sensor Breakthrough
•  HIV Vaccine Trials in Taiwan

•  Vietnam Prepares for Potential Bird Flu Outbreaks Among Humans
•  AIDS Meeting Urged to Rethink Prevention Strategy
•  WHO Warns About Drug-Resistant TB

Special Feature
•  Pharmacogenomics: An In-House Advantage?
•  Pharmacogenomics and Hope for Individualized Medicine
•  Patentability of Pharmacogenomics Inventions in Europe

Industry Watch
•  BioDiem Bird Flu Vaccine Picked Up by Top US Facility
•  Biota, GlaxoSmithKline Ready for Showdown
•  A Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Manufacturer -- Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
•  An Introduction to Beijing Four-Rings Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
•  Mylan Acquires 71.5% of Matrix
•  Japan's Bioventures Today -- PharmaDesign, Inc.
•  Rockeby biomed Secures Orders from Jordan

Research & Findings
•  When Less is Better
•  Master Regulator of Stem Cell Genes Discovered

Commentaries & Analysis
•  Outlook of Asia's Pharmaceutical Sector

General News
•  BIO 2006 and the Involvement of Biotech Companies in Bird Flu R & D
•  Singapore's Biomedical Sector Gets New Boost from Korea

People Profile
•  Professor Xiaowei Zhuang

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