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Pharma Sales
Vol 11, No 13, 15 July 2007 - CEOs in Biotech


•  South Australian Government Invests in Center for Plant Functional Genomics
•  New Cancer Research Facility to be Built at the University of NSW
•  Fighting Bird Flu with RNAi

•  China's Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Collaborates with Syngenta
•  China to Establish Anti-bioterrorism System
•  China Halts Production of Novartis Drug — Zelnorm

•  Central Drug Authority Bill to Come Up During Monsoon Session
•  India to Import Doses of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine from China
•  Chikungunya Mosquito-borne Virus Threatens Thousands

•  Indonesia Bird Flu Cases Top 100

•  Japanese Researchers Develop a Plant-Based Cholera Vaccine
•  Chugai and Roche to Review Tamiflu Safety Issues

•  Malaysia and Italy to Work Together in Agriculture

•  Bilcare, ACRP Jointly Float New Academy Center at Singapore
•  Singapore Hit by Dengue Epidemic

South Korea
•  Government to Tighten Regulations on GM Organisms in 2008

•  National Chiao Tung University to Establish Intelligent Prosthetics Research Center

•  Vietnam Recalls Tainted Soy Sauce

•  Novartis Gains European Approval for Innovative Flu Vaccine
•  S$2.15 Billion Spent to Contain Drug-resistant TB
•  Bird Flu Spreads to Northern Bangladesh
•  Red Cross Denounces Burmese Junta for Rights Abuses

Special Feature
•  Bringing the Vision of Two Men to Greater Heights
•  On a Mission to Stop Bird Flu
•  Continuing a Father's Legacy
•  Where Blood is its Business
•  Recruiting Biotech CEOs in the Asia Pacific Region

Industry Watch
•  Benitec Starts First HIV Clinical Drug Trials in SA
•  Biotech Capital to Invest $2 Million in Hearing Technology Company Sensea
•  Deakin University Signs Agreement with Biocon
•  Opening Up Drug Development Opportunities in Asia
•  National Enzyme Company Expands Chinese Distribution
•  Indoco Remedies Geared Up for Brazil
•  Japan's Bioventures Today Link Genomics, Inc
•  Singapore's ES Cell Offers Stem Cell Technology to Japanese Company
•  CordLife Completes Technology Restructuring
•  SciGen Hep B Vaccine Lauded in US Journal
•  Rockeby Revises Hangover Cure
•  Yokogawa Reinforces Global Presence in Singapore

Product News
•  IBM Contributes Software that Predicts Spread of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Commentaries and Analyses
•  Asia Pacific Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics: A Rock & Roll Run and Race?

People Profile
•  Duke-NUS Graduate School Appoints Cancer Research Chief
•  Peptech Chairman, Mr Mel Bridges, Retires
•  Professor OP Katare Receives Technology Award 2007

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