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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 11, No 17 & 18, 15 & 30 September 2007 - Alternative Medicine & Cancer: Part II


•  Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Babies
•  Cancer Research Using Kangaroos Given Grant
•  New South Wales Funds Cyclotron to Boost Neurological Research

•  China Has 120 Million Hepatitis B Carriers
•  China Stresses International Pharmaceutical Cooperation
•  Chinese Traditional Medicine Tested in Space

Hong Kong
•  Detection of 111 New HIV Cases in Hong Kong

•  New Program in Hospital Operations Management to be Launched
•  Global Diabetes Research Center to be Set Up Near Chennai
•  India's First Stem Cell Facility to be Set Up in Karnataka
•  British Companies Seeking Collaborations with Indian Pharma Healthcare Sectors

•  Malaysia to Set Up Agency to Control Distribution of GM Foods

•  Singapore Cancer Society Gives Out Grants to Four Research Projects

•  Food and Drug Administration Permit Sought for Human Testing of New Taiwan Drug

Thailand New Push for GMO Field Tests

Special Feature
•  The Scientific Basis of Chinese Medicine and Cancer Care: A Western Medicine Perspective
Kampo Treatment for Cancer
A Chinese Medicinal Plant to Combat Cancer
Using Endangered Animal Species in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Industry Watch
•  Cancer Research Technology Plays Critical Role in New Australian Cancer Research Venture
Phylogica Licences Anti-microbial Technology to Dynamic
AstraZeneca Enhances Clinical Research Capabilities in China with First Clinical Pharmacology Unit
Philips and the Institute of Health Sciences Join Forces in Molecular Medicine
Avesthagen Explores Possible Research Initiatives with Thailand
DRL Plans High Margin Drugs for India and Europe
Olympus Establishes Imaging Laboratory with the National Center for Biological Science in Bangalore
Japan's Bioventures Today — CanBas Co., Ltd.

Research & Findings
•  Killing Cancer at its Birth

Commentaries and Analyses
•  Accelerating the Renaissance in BioScience Entrepreneurship in Asia — Part 2

•  Interview with Richard Yu (CEO, Eu Yan Sang)
Interview with CEO of Maguang, Mr Huang Chuan Sheng