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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 11, No 19, 15 October 2007 - Medical Tourism


•  Victorian Scientists Honored for Alzheimer's Research

•  China to Begin Compulsory Blood Products Tests
•  China Produces World's Largest Amount of Vaccines
•  Risk of Regional Dengue Spread in China

•  Microbiologist to Train Technicians to Test for Bird Flu
•  Indian Companies to Further Exploit NDDS Platform Technology

•  Project to Help Indonesia Fight Bird Flu Takes Off

•  Malaysia Uses Kits to Find Bear Bile in Chinese Medicine

New Zealand
•  NZ $1.4 Million to Build International Research Partnership
•  Marsden Funds Benefit Primary Sector and Human Health
•  Doctor Identifies Fast Growing Health Problem

•  New Drug for Advanced Cancer Approved

Special Feature
•  Medicine without Borders — Care before Business
•  The SingaporeMedicine Story
•  Healthcare Tourism in Thailand: Pain Ahead?
•  Medical Tourism: New Trends, New Ethos

Industry Watch
•  DiabeCell Clinical Trial Approved in New Zealand
•  Sinovac Begins Phase II Clinical Trail on H5N1 Vaccine
•  US Pharmacopeia Opens New Facility in Shanghai
•  World Courier Launches Cold Chain Logistics Network in China
•  AMRI Opens New Research Facility in Hyderabad
•  Clinical Protocol Submitted for Phase II Trial of Metastatic Breast Cancer
•  Ranbaxy Receives WHO's Pre-Qualification for Anti Retrovirals
•  Tata Consultancy Services Supports Roche's Global Capacity Building Initiative
•  Japan's NIID Extends Collaboration with Hemispherx
•  S*Bio Develops New Drug

•  Rice Functional Genomics in Singapore

Research & Findings
•  MerLion Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Study of Novel Antibiotics
•  The Britton Chance Center: A Center for Biomedical Photonics in China

General News
•  Hong Kong — An Up and Coming Center for Biotechnology
•  CIA2007 to Return to Singapore
•  Industrial Biotechnology Helps Pacific Rim Meet Energy and Environment Goals

•  Interview with Professor Edward Holmes

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