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Pharma Sales
Vol 11, No 22, 30 November 2007 - Biologistics


•  Australian Scientist Awarded $1M for Gene Therapy Research
•  $900,000 Multiphoton Microscope Unveiled at Sydney's Centenary Institute
•  Australian Stem Cell Scientist on Target to Prevent Age-related Loss of Brain Function

•  Chinese Scientists Complete Successful Greenhouse Breeding of a Medicinal Herb
•  China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Designated as Key Manufacturer of Cancer Pain Drug, Tilidine
•  Chinese Neuropsychologist Makes Novel Progress in Studies of Schizophrenia

•  Vetter Receives Japanese Certificates of Accreditation of Foreign Manufacturer

•  Heart Problems to Take Epidemic Form in India
•  Scientists Discover the Most Important Candidate Genes for Pancreatic Stone Formation
•  India and Canada to Collaborate on Pharma Opportunities
•  Tata Drug Development Center Opens in Bangalore

New Zealand
•  A Squid Gel Commands Global Attention

•  Singapore's National Cancer Center Launches Its First Satellite Clinic
•  Lien Foundation to Develop Electronic Healthcare System

•  STUT Study Reveals Mushroom Good for Ovarian Cysts

Special Feature
•  Interview with Mr Paul Graham — CEO of DESC Asia Pacific
•  World Courier Shifts its Focus to India — Interview with A. Dhananjay, MD, World Courier (India) Pte Ltd

Industry Watch
•  Arana Therapeutics Completes Project with CSL
•  Biotech Capital to Invest $2.2 Million in Generic Health Pty Ltd
•  Phase III Clinical Trial for "Dual Opioid" Therapy
•  Beijing Med-Pharm Announces Exclusive Agreement to Market Enablex in China
•  Genesis Pharmaceuticals Collaborates with the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
•  NPIL and Merck Collaborate on Cancer Drugs
•  LifeCell Launches First Stem Cell Center in Tamil Nadu
•  Japan's Bioventures Today BCS, Inc.
•  Bio-Rad Launches In2it A1C Analyzer for Point-Of-Care Diabetes Testing

General News
•  HealthCare Tourism International Launches the World's First Accreditation Program for Health Tourism Companies

•  Renowned Cell and Developmental Biologist Joins Singapore's Institute of Medical Biology
•  Singapore Biotech Drive Loses Star UK Scientists
•  Stem Cell Expert Joins A*STAR to Head Stem Cell Consortium

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