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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 12, No 3, 15 February 2008 - Biotech Companies in Asia Pacific


•  Lung Cancer Cases on the Rise
•  Cantox Announces the Launch of Ashuren Health Sciences Pharmaceutical Division

•  Biotech Crops Exhibit Impressive Double-digit Growth
•  World Genomes Project to Promote Research on Human Diseases

Hong Kong
•  New Anti-Hepatitis Drug Found

•  Pneumonia Kills More Than 1000 Children Daily in India
•  PepsiCo to Open Carrageenan Biopolymer Plant in India
•  Medical Tourism Insurance Covers Will Soon be Available in the West

•  Green Tea May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

•  QIAGEN to Supply Avian Flu Surveillance Solutions to Singapore

•  NTU Discovery May Help Cardiovascular and Cancer Experiments

•  Bird Flu Hits Poultry Farm in Northern Vietnam

Special Feature
•  An Interview with Dr Jong Wook Lee — Chairman of Daewoong Pharmaceuticals
•  An Exclusive on LG Life Sciences
•  An Insight into Phylogica — An Australian Biopharmaceutical Company
•  Cytopia — One of Australia's Most Successful Biotech Companies

Industry Watch
•  Progen Expands Drug Development Pipeline through Acquisition of CellGate
•  Morphotek Announces Collaborative Research Agreement with Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
•  Crucell Enters Agreement with Sanofi Pasteur for Biologicals against Rabies
•  Cellworks Announces Drug Discovery Collaboration with Orchid Based on Systems Biology Technology
•  ILS Partners with Wistar
•  CardioDynamics International Corporation (CDIC) Announces Strategic Alliance with Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer in India
•  Biocon and IATRICa Partner to Develop Novel Immunoconjugate Therapeutics against Cancer and Infectious Diseases
•  GSK Launches 2 DTP Vaccines in India
•  BIOBASE Opens New Subsidiary Nihon BIOBASE KK in Yokohama

Research and Findings
•  New Method Developed to Identify Genetic Determinants of Alzheimer's Disease
•  India Launches First Biofuels and Bioenergy Science Center

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