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Vol 12, No 6, April 2008 - Rice Research in Asia Pacific


•  A Web-based Tool to Predict Bone Fracture Risk
•  World's First Stem Cell Screening Facility to Target Brain Tumors

•  Agro-Technology to Build Biodiesel Refinery
•  TCM Development Strategy Established
•  Folic Acid Prevents Stomach Cancer
•  A Major Nanobiology Research Project is Initiated at CAS
•  Scientists to Sequence Giant Panda Genome
•  Biotech Company Announces World's First Genetically Modified Phytase Corn
•  Smoking — A Major Risk Factor of Stroke in China

Hong Kong
•  ASB Biodiesel to Build Hong Kong Plant

•  CCRAS Identified 39 Formulations for Eight Specific Disease Conditions
•  First Hi-tech TomoTherapy System Installed
•  Government Research Labs Develop 28 New Drugs for Chronic Ailments
•  BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring Cardiac Devices Launched in India
•  Biotech Incubation Center to Become a Reality Soon

•  Radiation Exposure in utero and in Young Children Increases Adult Cancer Risk
•  Anchoring Protein Variant Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk
•  Stem Cells Develop New Organs in Mice

New Zealand
•  New Diabetes Treatment Now Available in New Zealand
•  Trans-Tasman Scientists Study Livestock Methane

•  Philippines Bioethanol Capacity to Expand

•  Asia's First Research Center for Palliative Care Opens in Singapore
•  Millipore Corporation (MIL) Announces New Facility in Singapore
•  Patients Under Chronic Disease Management Program Show Better Disease Contro
•  NTUC Childcare Issues Health Alert Following Hong Kong Flu Outbreak

•  Gene Screening Used in IVF for Healthy Babies
•  Researchers Tout Progress in Vaccine to Combat HIV Taipei Program to Help Cardiac Arrest Victims

Special Feature
•  More Crop per Drop
•  Ray Wu, Pioneer of Rice Research: In Memoriam
•  Interview with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) — Perspectives on Rice Research

Industry Watch
•  Anadis Licenses Antibody Technologies from ImmuCell
•  Abbott, Genentech and WEHI Collaborate to Discover New Anticancer Drugs
•  Living Cell Technologies and Barbara Davis Center Collaborate on Diabetes Clinical Trial Program
•  Avexa and Monogram Collaborate on HIV Drug
•  ChemGenex Launches Multi-site Omacetaxine Clinical Trial in AML Patients
•  Philips and Ascent Profit Deliver Digital Radiography Systems to China
•  OSI Systems Opens New Manufacturing Facility in China
•  MedPlus Launches Integrated Health Centers in India
•  Ranbaxy to Introduce INERSAN Brand in India and Nepal
•  Teleradiology Solutions Launches First Teleradiology Training Center in India
•  StemCyte Announces Joint Venture with Apollo Hospitals and Cadila Pharmaceuticals
•  Suven Life in Drug Research Deal with Eli Lilly
•  Dr Reddy's Enters into Drug Discovery Collaboration with 7TM Pharma
•  MorphoSys and Astellas to Develop Novel Antibody Therapies
•  Morphotek Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Anticancer Antibody
•  bioMérieux and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Enter into Long-term Strategic Partnership
•  Kyowa Hakko and Amgen Enter into a Licensing Agreement for Anti-CCR4 Humanized Monoclonal Antibody
•  Stem Cell Therapy to Merge with Histostem
•  GlaxoSmithKline Opens New Research and Development Pilot Plant
•  CytoGenix and Taiwan Cobia Inc to Develop DNA Vaccines for Fish Viruses

Product News
•  Moleac Launches NeuroAid10™ in the United States
•  Merck Serono Launches Cyanokit® in Japan
•  Agilent Technologies Introduces the Next-Generation Whole-Genome Rice Microarray

Research and Findings
•  Surprising Discovery on Biodiversity and Biogeography May Lead to Discovery of Viruses
•  Scientists in Singapore Shed Light on the Molecular Alliance between Key Proteins that Play a Role in Sustaining the Embryonic Stem Cell State
•  Infant Brain Injury can be Caused by Chikungunya Virus if Mother Acquires Infection Near Time of Delivery

Agriculture News
•  Creation of Selectively Terminable Transgenic Rice
•  Indonesia Develops a Biotech Drought-Tolerant Rice

General News
•  ICRI Hosted International Conference on Trends in Clinical Research

Commentaries and Analysis
•  Malaysia Streamlines Research Processes with National Medical Research Register


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Credits to: American Chemical Society

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