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Vol 12, No 11, September 2008 - Bioentrepreneurship Bioventures


•  Allogenic Stem Cells Effectively Treat Eye Diseases
•  Leukemia Breakthrough in Australia
•  A$20 Million for ICT Innovation in Healthcare
•  Impact of "Silent" Osteoporosis on Australians
•  Bacteria that Eat Cancer-causers Found
•  New Therapy for HIV Treatment

•  Chinese SFDA Approves Helicon's ReCellŪ Concept and Kit-Skin Regeneration Concept and Device
•  Research on Breast Cancer Stem Cells Offers Hope for Vaccine
•  Infectious Intestinal Disease on Rise in North-east China, Causing 3 Deaths
•  Global Stem Cell Forum in China Showcases Cutting-edge Research, Focuses on New Findings for IPS Cells

•  Samsung Group to Develop Indonesian Biodiesel

•  Indian Researchers on Way to Creating Vital Part of Human Eye
•  Hyundai Motor Launches Rural Mobile Health Clinic
•  Varadachari Implants New Life with Bio-release Micronutrients
•  Siemens to Make Nuclear Medicines at Indian Plants
•  Milestone Disc Replacement Surgery (4-level) Performed for the First Time in Asia at Artemis Health Institute
•  Transasia Announces All India Launch of Erba Den-Go to Detect Dengue
•  Biotech Sector Grows by 20%
•  U.S., Europe, Australia to Jointly Inspect Indian Drug Factories
•  Chennai Gets India's First Heart Implant Training Centre

•  MDS Pharma Opens New Facility in Japan

•  New Heart Disease Drug with Fewer Side Effects Available in Singapore
•  A*STAR and Oxford University Agreement Boosts Doctoral Training for A*STAR Scholars

•  Biotech Sees Major Industry Changes

•  Herbal Drug Offers Hope for Addicts

•  Flexing the Muscles of BioVentures in Japan and Beyond
•  Exploit Technologies - Bridging the gap from Mind to Market
•  Life Sciences Capital Investing and Bioentrepreneurship in China and Asia Taking Off

Industry News
•  Acrux Enters Commercial Manufacturing Alliance with Orion Corporation
•  Agilent Technologies and University of Technology, Sydney Establish Unique "Elemental Bio-Imaging" Facility
•  DuPont and Hexima Partner to Develop and Commercialize Fungal Disease Resistance Technology
•  Canopus Biopharma and Leading Chinese Researcher Team Up to Treat Avian Influenza
•  All Asia Licensing Announces Proposed Joint Venture with Bio Research Firm for Bovine Testing, Beef Grading
•  Piramal Healthcare Launches French Dermo-cosmetic Range from Pierre Fabre
•  Avesthagen and ICMR Join to Promote Biomedical Research in India
•  ICRISAT and DBT to Establish New Facility for Agri-biotechnology Research
•  Philips Launches Its First Patient Monitoring System "Designed For Emerging Markets" in India
•  Biocon, Abraxis Launch Abraxane in India to Treat Breast Cancer
•  Carna Signs Reagent Supply Agreement with Caliper Life Sciences
•  American Peptide Company to be Acquired by Otsuka Chemical Company
•  EpiCept and GNI Partner to Develop Anti-Viral Hepatitis Drug in Asia
•  USM Signs Nanotechnology Agreement with BiotechCorp
•  AstraZeneca Partners with Singapore Institutions to Develop Anti-Cancer Compounds
•  Metabasis Therapeutics Collaborates with Roche to Develop Liver-Targeted Compounds for the Treatment of Hepatitis C
•  Genelabs Signs Research Agreement with National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan and Genovate Biotech
•  Taiwan Liposome Inks Deal with Japanese Company

General News
•  CRC SIIB looks to the future of Australian sugarcane
•  National Healthcare Group Annual Scientific Congress (ASC)

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