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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Pharma Sales
Vol 13, No 7, July 2009 - Excellence in Asia-Pacific Healthcare


•  US$6.5 Bn for Australia Science and Innovation
•  Genes Linked to Vitamin D Involved in Susceptibility to Multiple Sclerosis.
•  Scientists Find Weak Link in Malaria Portal

•  China Makes First Pig Stem Cells
•  Genetic Tests to Unravel Prodigies

•  India Can Become a Global Pharma Innovation Hub
•  Anti-diarrhea Vaccine in Development

•  Inevitable Public Debate over GM Primates

New Zealand
•  NZ Biotech Industry Continues to Thrive

•  Simulation Model' for Disease Spread
•  Singapore's Challenge: Sustain Environment Long-Term
•  Water Industry Players Partnering Education Sector
•  World-Wide Debut For 16 Inventions

•  New Treatment for Uterine Fibroids
•  Taiwan to Develop Methods to Test Melamine Tableware
•  New Research Expected to Help Develop Universal Flu Vaccine

•  Herbal Capsules to Treat Womb Ulcers

Other Regions
•  Baxter Could Have Pandemic Flu Vaccine in July
•  Will US Dominate Biotech?

•  Interview with Frost & Sullivan - Celebrating Best Practices in Healthcare
Interview with InterSystems Corporation - Connecting Applications, Processes and People Intelligently
Interview with Philips Healthcare - Excellence in Medical Imaging & Radiology
Interview with Roche Diagnostics °™Cutting-Edge Clinical Diagnostics

•  Novation, Cancer Therapeutics to Jointly Develop Cancer Therapies
•  Mesoblast Announces Positive Results in Bone Marrow Transplant Trial
•  Mingyuan Medicare Announces Collaboration on Major Infectious Diseases Detecting Platform
•  DHL Launches first Life Science & Healthcare Competence Centre in Shanghai
•  Abraxis Bioscience Launches ABRAXANE for Metastatic Breast Cancer
•  GSK Enters Flu-Vax JV in China
•  Biocon Launches Long Lasting Basal Insulin for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics
•  Kemwell to build Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility in India in Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany
•  Hemispherx, Biken Expands Production Capacity for Swine Flu Vaccines
•  D-SIMLAB Awarded S$500,000 Grant under SPRING Singapore's Technology
•  GlaxoSmithKline Opens $600million Vaccine Plant
•  Agilent Technologies Opens New Life Sciences Manufacturing Facility in Singapore
•  Six Doctors Receive Clinician Scientist Awards

Research and Findings
•  Two Gene Loci Linked To Multiple Sclerosis Uncovered
•  Mice with Extra Chromosome Region Show Many Autistic Signs
•  Fatal Brain Infections Can Be Cured With Nanotechnology

People Watch
•  NCCS Oncologist Receives Prestigious Award
•  Dr Michael Entzeroth Reelected as Chairman of BioSingapore
•  India's Biotech Queen Wins Nikkei Asia Prize 2009

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