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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Vol 15, No 07, July 2011 - Stem Cells



•  Australia Lifts Transplant Rate
•  Tamarind Derivative Repairs Damaged Brain Cells
•  High Hopes for Ross River Virus Vaccine
•  Genetic Link to Risk of Developing Bone Disease
•  Edible Vaccine in the Works

•  China Mulls New Mental Health Law
•  University of Pennsylvania Pairs up with Chinese Academy of Sciences for Neuroimaging

•  Vaccine Tests for Brain Virus

•  New Technique Makes Artificial Bones More Natural
•  Scientists Develop Magnetic Nanoparticles that Kill Cancer Cells

•  IE Singapore Forms Biomedical R&D Consortium

•  Fatty Liver Disease on the Rise Among Youth
Other Regions
•  New Clues to How Cancer Spreads
•  Scientists Find Genes Linked to Migraines
•  New Drug Makes Hearts Repair Themselves

•  The clinical application of stem cells in hematopoietic disease
•  Use of pluripotent stem cells and their differentiated products in pharmacological drug discovery and safety testing
•  Messages from the nucleus: Insights into Aging
•  inStem: The Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

•  Why Invest in Life Sciences and Healthcare?

Inside Industry
•  ADDF Supports Axxam to Develop Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s
•  Epitomics Signs Agreement with Bayer for Antibody Technology
•  Sirnaomics Partners Guangdong Zhongsheng to Dvelop siRNA Therapeutics
•  Jubilant, Endo Achieve Late Stage Discovery Milestone
•  Merck and Hanwha Chemical Corporation Establish Global Strategic Collaboration for Biosimilar
•  SIOGEN Awarded ‘Most Innovative Biotech in Asia'
•  GENEWIZ, Inc. and Biomatters Announce Strategic Partnership to Align DNA-Based Services and Analysis Software
•  Invida Launches Atopiclair™, a Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms
•  Accenture Implements Nationwide Electronic Health Record System in Singapore
•  A*STAR & Olympus Singapore Establish Microscopy Suite to Study Human Diseases at the Nano-level

Research and Findings
•  Singapore Scientists Discover How to Control Fate of Stem Cells Without the Risk of Developing Cancer Cells
•  IMRE Scientists Develop First-of-its-kind Hydrogel and New Mix-and-match Block Copolymer ‘Smart’ Biomaterials
•  Mechanism for Stress-induced Epigenetic Inheritance Uncovered in New Study

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