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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Vol 15, No 09, September 2011 - BioIndia



•  Degenerative Disease Breakthrough
•  New Genetic Cancer Risk Found
•  Experts Find Way to Make Mosquitoes Dengue-free

•  Virus May Cause High Blood Pressure
•  Eleven Die from Suspected Tainted Vinegar in China

Hong Kong
•  HK Study Finds Molecule that Offers Fertility Hope

•  Hyderabad Hospital Performs Rare Kidney Transplant
•  20-minute Treatment for Blood Pressure
•  New Experimental Vaccine against Chikungunya

•  ES Cells Turn Into Sperm
•  Leading Japanese Pharmaceutical Scientists Advance Drug Discovery & Development with Mass Spectrometry and Chip LC Technology from AB SCIEX

•  One Hundred and Twenty Aspiring Scientists Awarded Scholarships
•  Pacific Healthcare Launches Pacific Surgical and Colorectal Centre in Singapore
•  NTU Achieves Bacterium Breakthrough
Other Regions
•  Killer T-cells Wipe Out Leukemia

•  Natural Products in the Drug Discovery Programmes in Alzheimer’s: Impacts and Prospects
•  Advancement of chitosan based nanoparticles for present and future interests
•  Algal Tranformations for Enhanced Metabolite Production and Pathway Manipulation

•  Malaysia as a destination for foreign biotechnology investments

Inside Industry
•  CTA Forms Collaboration with Indian CRO Clininvent
•  NANOTEC, Flinders University Initiate Research Collaboration
•  University of Western Australia and Agilent Technologies to Create World’s First Plant Protein Monitoring Database
•  Abbott Expanding Manufacturing Capacity in China
•  Infinity Group’s Tianyi Medical Fund Participates in 250 Million RMB Investment in Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
•  Eli Lilly India and Lupin Announce Strategic Collaboration to Help Fight the Battle Against Diabetes
•  IndianOil & Dept. of Biotechnology Set Up Advanced Bioenergy Research Center
•  Ipca Labs acquires UK-based Onyx Research Chemicals
•  Trivitron Healthcare Partners with Hitachi Medical Systems

Research and Findings
•  Rice Research Receives $10 Million Grant
•  New Method to Increase Antibiotic Yields
•  Extra Genes May Make You Extremely Thin
•  Biofuel Potential in Panda Poop
•  Social Engagement Changes Fat Type
•  Bacteria Clean Up Uranium, Produce Electricity
•  Probiotics Promote Brain Health
•  Soil Bacteria Targets Cancer
•  More Muscle for In Vitro Meat
•  New Carbon-Fixation Pathway Unveiled in Ocean Depths

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