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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Vol 16, No 1, January 2012 - Metabolic Syndrome



•  Mosquito Virus Hits Australia
•  Dairy Intake Could Aid Healthcare Budget
•  New Stem Cells could Fix Broken Hearts

•  Toxin Found in Chinese Milk
•  New Way to Detect Liver Cancer Earlier

•  TTSH First to Perform Robotic Gastrectomy in SE Asia
•  Doctor Uses Glove Instead of Port in Colon Surgery
•  Singapore & China Scientists Perform Asian Genome-wide study on Kidney Disease

•  Biologists Generate Man-made Pluripotent Stem Cells to Aid Study of Pompe Disease

South Korea
•  Korea's Medical Policy Improvement Project for Foreign Patients

Other Regions
•  Single Gene Links Rare Cancers
•  Israeli Scientists Develop Cancer 'Cluster Bomb'

•  Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes: Current Asian Perspective
•  Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome
•  Autophagy and its Role in Metabolism

•  Human Cancer Viruses: Past, Present and Future
•  Serpiginous Choroiditis: An Update

Inside Industry
•  CSL Partners US Agency on Key Study to Prevent Common Causes of Abnormalities in Newborns
•  China Sky One Medical to Jointly Launch Adult Stem Cell Research Enterprise
•  China Botanic Announces Development of New Siberian Ginseng Polysaccharide Extract Powder
•  Merck Establishes New MSD R&D Asia Headquarters
•  Nuclear Health, GE Healthcare Join Hands in Fight against Cancer
•  Abbott and Reata Pharmaceuticals Announce Agreement to Develop and Commercialize Next-Generation Antioxidant Inflammation Modulators
•  Lancaster Laboratories Collaborates with BioAzure
•  Samsung and Biogen Idec Announce Joint Venture to Develop, Manufacture and Market Biosimilars
•  Agilent Technologies and Monash University Sunway Campus Boost Talent and Skills for Genomics Research in Malaysia
•  S*BIO’s Novel JAK2 Inhibitor Pacritinib (SB1518) Effectively Reduces Splenomegaly in Myelofibrosis (MF) Patients

Research and Findings
•  Study Reveals Link Between Body Temperature and Stillbirth
•  GIS Researchers Develop Systematic Method for Accurate DNA Sequence Reconstruction
•  Taiwan Researchers Find Possible Markers of Stem Cell

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