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Vol 17, No 01, January 2013 - Bio-Nanotech



•  Asianhhm.com introduces innovative print and digital advertising solutions

•  IMCD acquires leading Indonesian food Ingredients distributor Alam Subur

•  VITAL Corporation to distribute Imagine Eyes rtx1 Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera in Japan

•  Global threat of multi-drug-resistant Tuberculosis
•  APAC breeding ground for Anti-bacterial household product innovation

•  In defence of the humble ant, champion of biodiversity
•  Senz Oncology initiates VAL-1000 clinical trial in patients with acute leukaemias
•  ABRAXANE® demonstrates significant improvement in advanced melanoma patients
•  Alzheimer's, cancer and rare disease research to benefit from landmark MRC-AstraZeneca compound collaboration
•  Nine Sydney researchers to receive funding for biomedical research projects

•  How blind mole rats keep cancer at bay
•  No assembly required for new micro particles
•  Caribbean sardine collapse linked to climate change

•  Radioembolization using sir-spheres significantly improves overall survival for patients with inoperable colorectal cancer

Eye on China
•  Amplified detection of nucleic acid by G-quadruplex based hybridization chain reaction
•  Dow Opens Photovoltaics Films Application Lab in Shanghai
•  Researchers discover molecular mechanisms of left-right asymmetric control in the sea urchin
•  China mulls new rule on human genetic research
•  China to phase out organ donation from executed criminals
•  Charles River Laboratories to expand research models business in China
•  Chinese Science Academy Chief urges seizing on new technological revolution
•  BGI contributes genome sequencing and bioinformatics expertise
•  Taiwan government will encourage formation of smaller biotech funds

•  Applying Nano-Scale Technologies to make Big Ideas Possible
•  Toxicity of Engineered Nanomaterials
•  Graphene for Smart Medical Devices
•  Protein Nanocages: The Versatile Molecular Shell

People Watch
•  Catching Cancer with Dr Wang Shutao

•  BioAsia 2013: Exploring the NEXT trends in Biotechnology - Biologics and Biosimilars

Inside Industry
•  Thermo Fisher Scientific and Applikon Biotechnology sign bilateral supply agreement
•  AET BioTech and BioXpress Therapeutics to co-develop biosimilar Adalimumab
•  Octa Phillip Bioscience Managers announces first close on new healthcare fund
•  Agilent Technologies and PREMIER Biosoft's platforms work together to advance lipidomics research
•  Phosphagenics licenses TPM platform to Indian pharmaceutical company
•  Dr. Louis-Philippe Vzina, named as a recipient of the 2012 Prix du Quebec

•  Conference Calendar

news Runners' High, Happy Feet — If you're Happy, and you know it 'Clap' your Feet
news Snapshot of Stem Cell Expression using Single-cell RNA Sequencing
news A Heroic Voyage — Sydney Brenner's Life in Science
news VeloX, A Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Heart Valve for treating Mitral Regurgitation
news Anti-CD25 monoclonal antibody (90Y-daclizumab) a favorable target towards systemic radio-immunotherapy in Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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