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Vol 17, No 10 & 11, October - November 2013 - Scientific Communication



•  Centipede venom could lead to new class of pain drug
•  Artificial nerves in prosthetic limbs to restore touch: study

•  Singapore scientists lead in the discovery of gene responsible for fatal drug allergy
•  'Jekyll-and-Hyde' protein determines life and death of cancer cells
•  A*STAR researchers create novel assay to test for epigenetic abnormalities in pre-implanted mice embryos
•  New hydrogel from IBN and IBM improves delivery of anti-cancer drug 

•  Novel family of natural products antibiotics with broad spectrum against Gram-negative pathogens

•  Blood proteins could help monitor malnutrition
•  Developing world faces breast cancer surge, study suggests

•  Positive signs for malaria vaccine based on GM parasite
•  Could one cancer test find unrelated tumors?
•  Study suggests blood test can differentiate between benign lung nodules and early stage lung cancer
•  New data obtained from Parkinson's disease program
•  Research study on PAZ320 initiated at University of Minnesota
•  3D printed structures reveal bacterial 'chit-chat'

•  Suzhou Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Co., enters into a marketing and distribution agreement with Sinochem Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
•  Japanese Encephalitis vaccine achieves WHO prequalification
•  Hutchison MediPharmna enters cancer therapy collaboration with Lilly
•  Miraculins to negotiate licensing rights for diabetes test in China
•  Pall opens new Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Shanghai
•  Guo Guangchang enters the field of medical tumor treatment
•  WuXi AppTec receives CLIA certification for its genomics clinical laboratory
•  Agilent Technologies Thought Leader award supports Dr Guibin Jiang, Chinese Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences

•  Conversations in Science; an Indian Perspective
•  Communicating Science
•  Scientific Communication: In Search of One-Handed Scientists
•  Science Communication: Science Centre Singapore Style

•  Harnessing Asia's Potential with a 5-Prong Site Strategy
•  Microfluidics for Cancer Diagnosis

•  Singapore and Korea research institutes to collaborate on biomass-to-chemicals research
•  Nobel prize in medicine goes to cell transport discovery
•  Tri-institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute, Inc. launched
•  Agilent Technologies collaborates with Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
•  Quintiles selected by Muscular Dystrophy Association to develop U.S. Disease Registry
•  Joslin Diabetes Center forms alliance with John & Johnson Innovation to identify exercise-related drug targets to improve diabetes management
•  CLINATEC chairman Alim-Louis Benabid honored for Parkinson’s disease work
•  AstraZeneca enters co-promotion agreement with Janssen in Japan for innovative prostrate cancer treatment
•  Scotland demonstrates its collaborative approach to cell therapy development
•  KineMed forms agreement with Amgen to develop kinetic biomarkers of brain proteinopathies
•  IMCD group opens its first pharmaceutical laboratory
•  Napier Healthcare wins Promising Healthcare IT Company of the Year 2013 Award from Frost & Sullivan Singapore
•  AB SCIEX opens R&D center in Singapore; hopes to drive scientific innovation