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Vol 18, No 03, March 2014 - Vaccines



•  Origins of plague: Scientists reveal the cause of one of the most devastating pandemics in human history
•  Admedus releases interim phase I results for Herpes study

•  Study tags cause of malaria drug resistance in Cambodia

•  Discovery of mechanism by which sex hormone regulates aggressive behavior

•  Singapore's first influenza vaccines demonstrates favorable immunogenicity and tolerability in clinical testing
•  Scientists from Genome Institute of Singapore and Stanford University show RNA architecture expanding understanding of human genetics
•  "Bio-Timer" that synchronizes growth
•  Researchers make new discovery of protein as a promising target for treatment of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

•  African project aims to stop rats in their tracks
•  African monsoon project to benefit crops and healthcare

•  Cancer researchers discover pre-leukemic stem cell at root of AML relapse

•  Understanding heart failure at the cellular level

•  Africa and India cultivate agricultural research ties

•  Three major genes set feather hue in pigeons
•  Mouse study shows gene therapy may be possible cure for Hurler syndrome
•  The ultimate decoy: Scientists find protein that helps bacteria misdirect immune system

•  Sirona Biochem completes exclusive licensing agreement with leading anti-diabetic company in China, Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals
•  Actavis signs agreement with Zhejiang Chiral Medicine Chemicals Co., Ltd to divest Actavis Foshan, China
•  Showa Denko ups high-purity ammonia production capacity in China
•  Biogen Idec and UCB enter agreements to develop and commercialize multiple sclerosis and hemophilia therapies in China and other parts of Asia
•  China-U.S. lab dedicated to enhance mussel conservation, pearl production
•  Sagent Pharmaceuticals launches national research center in Chengdu, China
•  3M enters partnership with U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Building Energy Efficiency consortium
•  Innovative technique creates large skin flaps for full-face resurfacing
•  NCKU stem cell research team discovers drug to rejuvenate aged hearts Biotech

•  Vaccines Have No Bounds: The Future of Therapeutic Vaccines Against Cancer, Allergy, Heart Disease, Drug Addiction and Other Novel Indications
•  Rational Design for the Next Generation of Vaccines
•  Evaluating Asia Pacific for the Conduct of Vaccine Clinical Trials
•  Stratify, Stratify, and Stratify: The Future of Life-Course Vaccination
•  Process Intensification in the New Bio-Therapeutics Era

•  Providing for Emerging Markets: A Chat with Raman Singh from Mundipharma

•  Nuevolution enter drug discovery collaboration with The Institute of Cancer Research and Cancer Research Technology
•  Covidien launches advanced medical training and education center in India
•  PharmaCell to acquire cell therapy production facility from TiGenix
•  University Hospital of Iceland and Kerecis to collaborate on tissue-regeneration research
•  AstraZeneca completes the acquisition of Bristol-Myers Squibb share of global diabetes alliance
•  Ergomed and Ferrer to develop Lorediplon for insomnia
•  Lupus research organizations welcome big-science push to drive new therapies for lupus patients
•  AbbVie expands manufacturing presence with US$320 million investment in Singapore
•  California Stem Cell partners on CIRM grant to develop transplantable 3D retinas
•  Cellectis and Servier to collaborate in allogeneic cell therapy:
•  Asia's first under-one-roof nutritional research center set up in Singapore


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