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Vol 18, No 04, April 2014 - Diseases of an aging population



•  Chronic pain research delves into the brain

•  STC life, Ltd. successfully treats stroke patients at Stem Cell Research Treatment Center

•  Indigenous people 'at graver risk' of neglected diseases

•  A*STAR scientists create stem cells from a drop of blood

•  'Too many exotic species' in Philippine greening plan

•  The parasite that escaped out of Africa

•  Genome British Columbia researchers closing in on chlamydia vaccine

•  Teesside University pioneering life-saving research
•  Inactivated polio vaccines broadly available for the world's children in the drive toward polio eradication
•  Vitamin D deficiency may compromise immune function
•  Inflammation mobilizes tumor cells

•  Animal-borne parasites plague Nepal

•  Zebrafish discovery may shed light on human kidney function
•  Nanoparticles and magnetic fields train immune cells to fight cancer in mice
•  Building heart tissue that beats
•  Immunology researchers uncover pathways that direct immune system to turn 'on' or 'off'
•  How diabetes drugs may work against cancer
•  Study reveals how a protein common in cancers jumps anti-tumor mechanisms

•  Solentim expands reach into China
•  China approves biobased aviation fuel for commercial use
•  Bayer to acquire Dihon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in China
•  Lilly and Novast expand state of the art manufacturing facility in Nantong, China
•  TaiGen Biotechnology receives marketing approval from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration for Taigexyn® in Taiwan
•  Simulations Plus signs new partnership agreement in China
•  Cardium changes name to Taxus Pharmaceuticals in connection with strategic collaboration with Shanxi Taxus Pharmaceuticals
•  Applikon Biotechnology opens new production facility in Guangzhou, China

•  Is Aging a Risk Factor for Cancer?
•  Adverse Effects of Substance Abuse on Aging: Implication of Brain Cell Injury
•  Diabetes and the Elderly
•  The Necessity for Early Therapeutic Interventions in Dementia: The Role of Neurosteroids

•  NanoLogix enters Asia distribution agreement with IVD Tech of Singapore
•  AIDF and UN ESCAP partner to present the Water Security Summit
•  Empiriko and Interchim sign partnership agreement to accelerate drug discovery through oxidative chemosynthetic liver technology
•  Celerion opens operations in South Korea
•  AITbiotech initiates and sets up a new division to commercialize life sciences and diagnostic technologies in Singapore
•  Debiopharm Group (TM) to expand activities at manufacturing facility in Switzerland
•  Clinipace Worldwide expands into Asia with acquisition of Choice Pharma
•  Quintiles honored as 'Best CRO in Asia' for 3rd time in four years
•  Mundipharma signs exclusive agreement with Helsinn Group for distribution of Anamorelin® across key markets in SEA
•  Agilent Technologies to support National University of Singapore-led research consortium to develop lipid database
Hokkaido University and Hitachi complete a facility incorporating a novel proton beam therapy system for cancer treatment developed jointly under Japan's FIRST program


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