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Vol 18, No 08, August 2014 - Public-Private partnerships in the Biopharma industry



•  Oil palm industry linked to Indonesia's forest loss

•  Scientists discover protein responsible for DNA compaction
•  Missing protein explains link between obesity and diabetes
•  Novel use of fluorescent probe shines new light to finding future anti-cancer drugs
•  Singapore scientists make breakthrough discovery in stomach cancer research using technology developed at Genome Institute of Singapore

•  New vaccine against five livestock diseases in progress

•  Combination therapy is more effective than monotherapy in removing beta-amyloid plaques from the brains of mice

•  Combination vaccine for ricin and anthrax achieves simultaneous protection milestone
•  Pseudogenes may provide clearer understanding of biomarkers
•  Smell and eye tests show potential to detect Alzheimer's early
•  Neurons, brain cancer cells require the same little-known protein for long-term survival
•  Transplanting gene into injured hearts creates biological pacemakers

•  Yabao Pharmaceuticals enters innovative partnership with Eli Lilly and Company to develop diabetes treatment
•  MicroPort Orthopedics & MB Innovations enter partnership
•  Taipei Medical University-Taipei Cancer Center offers a new and noninvasive treatment for bone cancer pain
•  HD Biosciences and Marshall University reach drug discovery co-development agreement
•  Uni-Bio Science Group's osteoporosis drug Uni-PTH meets phase III primary endpoint
•  D-Pharm's anti-epileptic drug DP-VPA granted Fast Track Status by CFDA
•  BGI collaborates with the Edinburgh Genome Foundry to synthesize the largest synthetic eukaryotic chromosome in the UK

•  Public-Private Partnerships in the Pharmaceutical Industry
•  KEEEN: The Keen Success in Public-Private Partnerships
•  Strengthening Singapore's Drug Discovery Capabilities through Public Private Partnerships
•  Universities: A Treasure Trove of Technologies

•  Drugs in the Real World

•  Leading Site Model for Preventive Medicine Trials in Vietnam
•  Overcoming the VLP Characterization Challenge with a Light Scattering Toolbox

•  NCCS doctor wins recognition in the prestigious Singapore Youth Awards 2014
•  Singapore - Republic of Korea collaboration on biomedical technology shows results
•  International Stem Cell Corporation signs agreement with Rohto Pharmaceutical of Japan
•  AstraZeneca and Max Planck Institute enter research agreement to create satellite chemistry unit for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
•  Reaction Biology receives NIH grant award for epigenetic database
•  New Zealand and Singapore to collaborate on food and nutrition research
•  5th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power spotlights on Asia's unprecedented biomass industry growth and mega opportunities
•  'Sustainability' issues take center-stage when 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit returns to Jakarta this August
•  Asia's supremacy in oleochemicals market takes center stage at 2nd Olechemicals Outlook Summit in Jakarta, this August


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