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Call for Contributions
Editorials accepted by APBN are short reports of industrial commentary, analysis opinions of trends or original research whose importance means that it will be of interest to scientists in other fields.

They normally take up between 2-4 pages of APBN, and have no more than 30 references. The language style is written American English at semi-popular level aimed at readers from other disciplines. The entire text is typically about 1,500 words long. They should be in line with the proposed topic and the articles must be informative, not "promotional" of the lab or company the author hails from. Our editorials should typically have 2 to 3 small display items (images, figures or tables). Of which, the author may submit his/her own images or allow the editorial team to select the appropriate image to accompany the editorial. Word counts refer to the text of the paper. References, title, author list and acknowledgements do not have to be included in total word counts.

Our list of suggested topics and article length (non-exhaustive):

  • Industry Trends
  • Products/Services Highlight
  • Research Findings
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Commentaries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
Manuscripts should be formatted according to these instructions.
  • They should not exceed 1500 words (main text).
  • Editorials should include some background without specialized terminology, for a non-specialist readership.
  • At submission, figures should be of good enough quality, ideally as JPEGs
  • Colored photos/illustrations should be submitted in either tiff or jpeg format (300 dpi). For both cases, the figures should not be less than 10 cm in width. All figures will be printed in black and white only.
  • Editorials should not have more than 30 references; in accordance to the reference style stated below.
  • Editorials should be submitted as Word document.
  • Authors must provide a short biosketch of themselves, approximately 100 words together with a recent photo to be placed at the end of the editorial in an "About the Author" box entry.
Reference Style

References are each numbered, ordered sequentially as they appear in the text. When cited in the text, reference numbers are in brackets unless they are likely to be confused with a superscript number.

All authors should be included in reference lists unless there are more than five, in which case only the first author should be given, followed by 'et al.'


  • All articles submitted are subjected to editorial approval.
  • Authors will be given complimentary copies of the APBN issue. They are eligible to purchase further copies of the issue at 30% discount.
  • Authors/organizations agree to submit only original articles and give permission for the articles to be placed on APBN www.asiabiotech.com.
  • Authors should obtain written permission for use of any literary or illustration material for which rights are held by others.
  • Copyrights for published articles will be vested in World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC) but an author may make an article published by APBN available on a personal home page provided the source of the published article is cited and WSPC/APBN is mentioned as copyright holder. Authors are requested to create a link to the published article in APBN's web site.

For more information, please contact Rachel Lim at biotech_edit@wspc.com.

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