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Vol 21, No 10, October 2017
Vascular Dynamics receives FDA approval to begin conclusive and pivotal trial experimentation for treatment of chronic hypertension

The experiment will examine the effectiveness of the MobiusHD implant in the reduction of blood pressure among chronic patients for whom at least three different medications proved ineffective.

Orchard Therapeutics' OTL-101 granted Promising Innovative Medicine Designation for treatment of ADA-SCID

This designation indicates that ADA-SCID is a life-threatening condition with high unmet need despite currently available treatment options and that OTL-101 is likely to offer major clinical benefits to patients.

Concept Life Sciences appoints John Handley as chief operating officer

Concept Life Sciences announces the appointment of John Handley as chief operating officer as the company prepares for the next stage of growth and development.

Oak Therapeutics completes Phase 1 of NIH grant to develop formulation for tuberculosis

Oak has created a novel formulation using encapsulation technologies, suitable matrix components, flavoring ingredients and other ODS formulation parameters to produce a product prototype containing 300mg of Isoniazid, that is rapidly dissolving and mucoadhesive, as an anti-tuberculosis treatment option.

Relvar Ellipta significantly improves asthma control compared with usual care medicines

Primary endpoint showed Salford Lung Study patients initiated with Relvar Ellipta had twice the odds of achieving an improvement in asthma control compared with patients continuing usual care.

Hematological disorders to benefit from significant level of first-in-class innovation

Investment in first-in-class development is particularly important within hematological disorders as it holds the potential of achieving clinical breakthroughs through radical pharmaceutical innovation.

Boehringer Ingelheim initiates Phase IIa study of Pharmaxis compound for treating NASH

Boehringer Ingelheim commences Phase II program of investigational drug candidate BI 1467335 acquired from Pharmaxis with a 12 week Phase IIa proof of clinical principle study in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Ambrosus partners with Trek Therapeutics to develop blockchain method to track quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing

As part of the collaboration, Ambrosus will conduct pilot projects with Trek to monitor the quality, safety and integrity of all stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Bosch subsidiary Valicare offers consulting in GMP-compliant development of cancer therapies

Extending consulting for biotech companies. Valicare customer polybiocept develops new forms of cell therapy.

Korea-Singapore Healthcare Incubator to support Korean firms in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Aims to bring 10 to 15 Korean companies operating in medical devices, medical technology, cosmetics/ cosmeceuticals.

Newer oral anticoagulant recommended for reducing risk of stroke in patients with irregular heartbeats

Traditionally, Vitamin K Antagonists like warfarin were the go-to anticoagulants for stroke prevention. However due to its many fooddrug interactions, warfarin can make the anticoagulation tedious and possibly less effective in patients.

Korean start-up Sky Labs selected as one of the winners for Bayer Grants4Apps Accelerator

Sky Labs, a Korean start-up developing a subminiature ring-type atrial fibrillation (AF) diagnosis device 'CART' was selected along with three other digital health start-ups from United Kingdom and USA.

Supplement: Could COMPASS be a game changer in managing stable artery disease?

COMPASS trial results indicate combined rivaroxaban-plus-aspirin therapy could reduce cardiovascular deaths, strokes and myocardial infarctions by 24 per cent. By John Battersby.

Supplement: Global study confirms positive benefit-risk profile of rivaroxaban for stroke prevention

The results of the global XANTUS study confirm the safety and effectiveness of rivaroxaban as a therapy for stroke prevention in daily clinical practice. By John Battersby.

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