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BIOBOARD - INDIA introduces innovative print and digital advertising solutions
Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management (AHHM) reaches out to the top spending private and public hospitals and medical laboratories in addition to the national and regional health authorities and health ministries throughout Asia with its print publications has come up with new digital advertising solutions, expanding its presence across the globe.

95% of the world’s leading healthcare product companies, like Microsoft and Siemens, as well as industry suppliers and buyers are associated with AHHM. The key decision makers of these companies use to make better decisions that enable their organizations to grow. Both suppliers and buyers will benefit from the broad spectrum of product & services and the global reach that AHHM has.

“We want to create a strong digital engagement strategy and provide a platform for our clients that continually fuels the creation and expansion of important ideas in the Healthcare industry. We have used a variety of proven models to transform ideas into opportunities”, says Managing Director Mr. Azeemuddin.

Digital marketing evolves faster than any other market in most industries, and that makes it difficult to predict future trends. AHHM’s marketing strategy is: “We are social. We are local. We are digital.”

AHHM has come up with innovative print and digital solutions offering the most comprehensive network of business-to-business sites available online. They include advertisement campaigns, email and mobile marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, web analytics and search engine optimization.

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