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VITAL Corporation to distribute Imagine Eyes’ rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera in Japan
Imagine Eyes, the pioneer in cellular-level retinal imaging, and VITAL Corporation, a leading Japanese distributor of advanced medical devices, announced that VITAL will distribute Imagine Eyes’ rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera in Japan. The device has recently gained regulatory approval.

 “VITAL has a proud history of identifying novel medical technologies that benefit doctors and patients alike” said Mr. Masao Ichinoseki, President of VITAL Corporation. “Imagine Eyes’ retinal camera recently received Shonin (NINSHO) approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The device will enable Japanese ophthalmologists to visualize their patients’ retinas in unparalleled detail. We hope that this will allow them to enhance the quality of care they provide and help them save vision.”

 “Japan is the world’s second largest market for medical devices after the Unites States” said Mr. Tomoki Tateishi, Marketing Director at VITAL Corporation. “Historically, VITAL uses an effective strategy based in part on inviting leading experts in their field to come and present their experience with the cutting-edge medical devices we supply especially in interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. We will use a similar approach as part of marketing the rtx1 Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera in Japan and we expect to see rapid adoption by ophthalmologists across the country. The first event will spotlight the work of both French and Japanese researchers that use the rtx1.”

 “Several leading Japanese researchers embraced the rtx1’s cellular-level-retinal-imaging abilities very early on, and we are very thankful to them for their support as it has been instrumental in creating demand in their country” said Mr. Nicolas Chateau, Imagine Eyes’ Cofounder and CEO.

“We look forward to working with VITAL to provide Japanese ophthalmologists with a new tool that will help further sight-saving research today and potentially improve the already impressive healthcare citizens receive in the future.”

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