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BioAsia 2013: Exploring the NEXT trends in Biotechnology - Biologics and Biosimilars
The emerging global shift from pharmaceutical drugs to biopharma- ceuticals and its impact on human life and bio-business clearly underlines the dynamic and self -evolving nature of Lifesciences. But the real challenge for us would be to comprehend the possibilities of this change and ride them into the future. It is this very challenge that is the focus of BioAsia 2013, the 10th edition of one of the most awaited, successful and broad-spectrum global platform on Biotechnology and Lifesciences.

However, merely understanding the challenge from a global perspective and through global participation is not the goal of this dynamic platform. Over the last nine editions, BioAsia has built up a formidable reputation for bringing together the entire universe of lifesciences face-to-face to discuss, analyse, showcase, explore and connect strengths, trends and perspectives in order to extend the visible horizons in thought, possibility and innovation. To that end, it is both incisive and all invasive, inviting the participation of who's who of this industry, be it countries, pharmaceutical giants, regulatory authorities, thought-leaders, research scholars, trade experts and every other stakeholder of this industry.

Therefore in keeping with the previous successful editions, BioAsia 2013 through the succinct, cutting-edge theme of Technologies and Business, NEXT will not just showcase but explore a bio-future waiting to be shaped by the new industry leaders: Biologics and Biosimilars.

Why Biologics and Biosimilars?

The advancements in Biologics are not just rapidly realigning perceptions regarding medical concepts but also opening up an entire world of new opportunities and possibilities in the area of biopharmaceutical drugs. The annual global sales of Biologics leap-frogged from US$30 billion (1999) to US$139 billion (2010) clearly underlining it as the next hub of investment opportunities in Lifesciences. Studies also clearly indicate that in the coming decade, Biologics will dominate the global bio-pharmaceutical drugs market, since 8 of the top 10 blockbusters of 2014-15 are going to be Biologics or biotechnological products. In close conjunction to this spurt of growth in Biologics, Biosimilars has begun to draw increasing interest clearly fueled by the expiry of patents due on at least 48 Biologics with a combined global market size of nearly US$73 billion across the globe over the next decade. Added to this is the increasing demand for low cost medicines from healthcare players around the world as they struggle to contain soaring healthcare bills especially from the aging population segments.

Given the current environment, the good news is India stands to own quite a few cutting-edge advantages: lower R&D costs, strategic plans for clinical trials, future commercialization with companies in the US and Europe, a solid foundation in scientific intellectual capital and technical framework ensuring world class quality standards have already given the Indian pharmaceutical companies a head start over their global counterparts. Statistically, the Indian Biologics market already accounts for 62% of $ 3 billion revenue by the biotechnology industry as a whole.

Harnessing the NEXT big idea

Clearly Biologics and Biosimilars is the NEXT big opportunity in the biotech universe and in order to harness it BioAsia 2013 has identified the 6 key focus areas, viz Biologics - Novel Drug Discovery, Monoclonal Antibodies, Regenerative Medicine, Biosimilars, Intellectual Property Rights, Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Eco-System. The global forum is poised to bring together 50 + countries, 500+ corporate and over 150+ Indian companies, 40+ regulators from top organizations including USFDA, EMA, MHRA, NIH, SFDA and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), India, 60+ high profile speakers, VCs, research organisations and academia in order to debate, discuss, analyze current trends and future opportunities.

Enabling opportunities NEXT

Pioneering perspectives will be shared through expert sessions and panel discussions, while specially conducted workshops and Bio-park visits to the Genome Valley Industries will unveil labs of the future the nucleus of emerging change and innovation. Exclusive and by-invite-only CEO conclave, Networking Receptions, Power Breakfasts and a specially designed Technology Transfer Summit during the three days will enable leading industry peers to exchange thoughts and views and feel the pulse of the things to come.

Trade being a big part of the industry will be given due and even, special importance through the Bio-bazaar - the one-stop shop for Indian sellers and international buyers to connect- BioAsia Connect or business partnering and the International Trade Show. BioAsia 2013 will go the extra mile to provide the infrastructure to enable brands to showcase their strengths to the widest possible audience and empower mergers and collaborations through exhaustive business networking.

In all, BioAsia 2013, hosted by FABA in association with Genome valley, State Govt. of AP and Pharmexcil is going to be the window to the future of Lifesciences. Every aspect of it will be on display, but what you see, how much you see and what you make of it will depend entirely on you. However, one thing is for sure. Like all the earlier editions of BioAsia, BioAsia 2013 too will deliver the ultimate platform to anticipate the next required shift in perspective, vision and innovation in Lifesciences.

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