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Fosun Pharmaceutical and Shanghai drugs open innovation model
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (SFP) has announced that it will cooperate with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop three targets for anti-tumor innovative drugs. This cooperation is different from the previous “research alliances”, or Clinical Research Organization (CRO) model, as both sides will not only share the risks involved, but also the results and benefits of the cooperation. They will also jointly own the patents of the innovative drugs.

In recent years, SFP has focused on the development of the pharmaceutical business, continuing to increase the intensity of its research and innovation. It completed the layout of the new research and development system, forming a unique “4 +1” research and development platform.

The platform optimizes drug design and lead compounds, together with rapid synthesis, producing a class of 6 drugs (one upcoming in a clinical report) from development of the project within three years. In this partnership, Fosun Pharma will allow full play of the unique advantages of the complex record platform to accelerate the implementation of innovative strategies. The partners will complement each other, share resources, to achieve a true sense of new drug research alliances in order to achieve a win-win situation.

The Fosun Pharma Chairman Chen Chi-yu said, “The cooperation benefited from the paradigm shift in the foundation continues to strengthen the endogenous R & D strength of the company. Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences truly brought together a top team of scientists in drug research. The private pharmaceutical innovation force, coupled with the cooperation of the innovative ability of the national team, will lead Fosun Pharma’s innovative drugs to comprehensively enhance the 5 protein kinases and accelerate Fosun Pharmaceutical’s anti-tumor drug project progress, adding more ‘blockbuster’ product lines to its reserve.”

James Ding, academician and Director of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, said: "Relying on technology independent innovation of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry into such an important strategic transition period, and changing the growth mode of the cooperation with Fosun Pharma, is to take the integrated innovation strategy and cooperation’s international strategy to create a in-win outcome. Through sincere cooperation to develop good medicine the Chinese people can afford to eat innovative drugs in China and as soon as possible bring it to the international community to better benefit the people, we believe Fosun Pharmaceutical’s industry resources and new drug research and development capabilities, together with cooperation of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, the complementary advantages and powerful alliances, will surely contribute to the three-step plan of China's bio-pharmaceutical development.


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