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IMCD to distribute TPE-S, TPE-V compounds
I MCD Group has announced that it has entered a new distribution partnership with Elastron Kimya for their medical range of TPE-S and TPE-V compounds. This agreement covers applications such as rubber closures and syringes, as well as a selected range of pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. It is valid for all European countries and India.

This new extended partnership is led by Yüksel Habip, Global Business Director at Elastron, and Patrick van Vugt, Global Product Manager IMCD Plastics.

“Elastron’s medical grade compounds are produced on dedicated production equipment, with formulation stability, traceability and regulatory compliance that gives maximum level of assurance to our clients,” said Mr. Habip. “IMCD will bring unique expertise to this partnership with its highly qualified material experts, which will make this cooperation complete.”

“With more than 25 years of experience in medical and healthcare sectors that IMCD Group historically has, we are confident to bring Elastron’s wide thermoplastic elastomer product portfolio to the new pan-European and Indian clientele through our extensive market network”, said Mr. Van Vugt. “We are thrilled about this partnership as Elastron’s products will provide us with unique opportunity to offer the same standard of materials to the global OEM clients that have multiple production sites, irrespective of the fact where those locations are. Furthermore, the medical and healthcare markets are growing niche segments which perfectly fit the growth strategy of IMCD Plastics team as it focuses on speciality products.”

Mr. Habip further pointed out: “Medical markets are a unique mixture of high-tech solutions in which colors and haptic play equally important roles. The market growth is not anymore only in replacement of vulcanized rubbers, and this is why we searched for a distribution partner that has excellent contacts with plastic processors, who are increasingly involved in design of medical and healthcare products.”

Headquartered in Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey, Elastron Kimya is fully dedicated to development, production, marketing and sales of thermoplastic elastomers. Established in 1980 with initial production SBS based Thermoplastic Rubber compounds and after significant technical developments , the company added SEBS and EPDM/PP based thermoplastic elastomers to the product range.

Elastron Medical compounds are tested according to European standards and all tested compounds have USP class VI approvals. They also meet requirements of European Pharmacopoeia.

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