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Adimab announces new discovery collaboration with Kyowa Hakko Kirin
Adimab, LLC, a technology leader in the discovery of fully human antibodies, announced a two-target funded discovery collaboration with Kyowa Hakko Kirin (KHK) of Tokyo, Japan. Based on the strength and flexibility of Adimab’s platform, KHK has designated a membrane protein target as the initial collaboration target. In addition, Adimab announced the receipt of milestone payments from its existing collaborations with Gilead, Biogen Idec and Novo Nordisk.

“We are pleased to announce another major pharma partnership,” said Tillman Gerngross, CEO and co-founder of Adimab. “While other technology companies have diverted their focus by developing an internal pipeline of therapeutic products, we have committed all our resources to offering our customers the best discovery technology in the industry.”

Adimab and KHK have entered into a collaboration whereby Adimab will use its proprietary discovery and optimization platform to identify fully human antibodies against two targets selected by KHK. For each target, the agreement grants KHK the right to research antibodies generated from the collaboration for potential use as therapeutic products. Under the terms of the agreement, Adimab will receive various upfront fees including research fees and technical milestones. In addition, for each target, KHK will have the sole option to exclusively license antibodies from the collaboration, and if KHK were to exercise the option for a particular target, then Adimab would receive license fees, clinical milestones and royalties on therapeutic product sales for such target.

In addition, Adimab announced the achievement of technical milestones from its ongoing collaborations with Biogen Idec, Gilead, and Novo Nordisk.

“Adimab continues to see significant interest in our platform from new companies, and this is directly related to the success we have had in our existing partnerships,” said Guy Van Meter, Vice President of Business Development at Adimab. “Speed is always a factor in antibody discovery, but the ability to consistently deliver where other technologies have failed is just as important. Fortunately, we can do both.”

Over the past three and a half years, Adimab has established collaborations with multiple leading pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Roche, Novartis, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Biogen Idec, Novo Nordisk, Gilead and Kyowa Hakko Kirin.

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