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DocDoc and Chatter Buzz Media enter strategic partnership to launch Asia’s first healthcare Content Marketing Network
DocDoc Pte. Ltd., Asia’s leading medical specialist appointment portal, has announced a new strategic partnership with Chatter Buzz Media, a leading marketing agency in the U.S. Chatter Buzz will work with DocDoc on the company’s new Content Marketing Network by creating health-related content for publication and syndication worldwide. This partnership demonstrates DocDoc’s commitment and market leadership position in the Asian healthcare industry.

DocDoc’s Content Marketing Network is an integral new extension of its popular website, The Network, rolling out in Spring 2013, is an easy-to-use interactive content publishing platform that allows doctors to both pull and push content in multiple formats and languages to grow their medical practices.

Pull Content: DocDoc’s Content Marketing Network provides a rich library of valuable marketing resources for dentists and doctors that include items such as white papers, how-to guides, sponsorship opportunities, events, performance analytics about their online brands, as well as connections to vendor-partners who can provide content production services such as cost-effective writing, video and photography assistance.

Push Content: Doctors can utilize DocDoc’s Content Marketing Network to publish multimedia content on their doctor pages to engage the thousands of patients utilizing the DocDoc web site each day. Doctors can post videos, publish blog posts, add images of their staff or facility, and even participate in DocDoc’s social media outreach and/or sponsorship programs. For many doctors with little or no online visibility, their doctor pages on DocDoc serve as their primary web presence, and DocDoc’s Content Marketing Network makes it easier than ever for them to maintain a fresh and engaging presence online.

“Chatter Buzz is a unique marketing agency because of their background working with doctors,” said Cole Sirucek, Chairman and Co-Founder at DocDoc. “They are committed to strengthening DocDoc’s medical portal by helping us ramp up production of quality healthcare content; and more than any other firm we reviewed, Chatter Buzz was aligned with our vision.”

“DocDoc’s strong Pan-Asian market presence, their vast network of leading medical specialists, and the quality of their management team, investors and advisors, made them the only logical choice for us to partner with,” said Ashley Cisneros-Mejia, co-founder of Chatter Buzz Media. “We’re honored to do business with a company that’s engaged in such meaningful and important work as patient care.”

DocDoc understands Asia, with most of its management and key employees having worked in the region for the past decade. DocDoc’s customer demographics reflect Asia’s diverse population and cultural backgrounds, which is why it’s the only healthcare portal in the world available in five languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia.

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