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Avian Influenza A (H7N9) threatens, GenScript supports researchers in impending battle
The World Health Organization reported three cases in which humans were infected with Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus in China. These were the first reports of the H7N9 strain infecting humans. Currently, it is unclear whether or not the virus can be spread via human-to-human contact, however genetic sequences for the virus have been published, and the Center for Disease Control has reported the start of vaccine development for the virus.

The foundation of vaccine development is often the identification and re-construction of the parts of the viral genome sequence that encode for antigens capable of eliciting the necessary immune response to fight the live virus. Gene synthesis is a powerful tool for vaccine development, enabling the rapid construction of any vector expressing an antigen capable of eliciting the necessary immune response.

GenScript is committed to arming researchers with the necessary custom bioreagents, such as synthetic DNA, to accelerate research to prevent the spread of disease. As proof of this commitment, GenScript recently became the fastest global biotech company to complete synthesis of a key H7N9-related gene, in only four days, using the Rush Gene Synthesis Service . In an effort to accelerate critical research, GenScript has synthesized over 30 crucial H7N9-related genes in our collaborations with prestigious institutions including the NIH, CDC, and Chinese Academy of Science, as well as leading vaccine centers in the United States and research organizations in Hong Kong and Japan.

Whether or not an H7N9 outbreak will occur remains to be seen, but at GenScript, we know that the best way to prevent the spread of disease is to be prepared.

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Credits to: American Chemical Society

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