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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Ever since Alexander A. Maximow; a Russian-American physician, biologist and scientist discovered stem cells and Yamanaka’s recent discovery of the four factors of pluripotency, the field has been abuzz with the possibility of a cure-all solution to the medical woes. The discovery of a group of cells with the ability to differentiate into the myriad of cells that make up the human body is astounding. No one segment of the life sciences has captured the attention of the masses from medical practitioners to the layman alike more than the promise stem cells bring to healthcare. Its curative potential has been exploited for research in almost every disease from genetic disorders to cancer.

The idea of being able to revert damaged cells back to its original pre-disease state or the correction of inherited disorders by replacing them with healthy versions or even growing a whole new organ for replacement without the worry of rejection would be a tremendous leap forward for medical science. Despite such a promising future, the use of stem cells has been plagued with political and ethical controversy in order to find the balance between the ethical uses of stem cells for research while simultaneously supporting its advancement. With its potential for regenerative, therapeutic and personalized medicine, how far along are we from reality?

This month we’ve put together a collection of articles that traces the progress of stem cell for both research and therapy. Our authors question stem cell’s current standing as well as its future. It won’t be anytime soon before stem cells become a mainstay form of therapy. Nevertheless, it is important keep abreast with the latest in the field.

In other news, this month, we’ve introduced a new section – Young Investigators which is a spinoff from a very well-received special edition we did last year, “Singapore’s Next-Gen Researchers”. Here we showcase the aspiring research talents of students in the pursuit of the life sciences. We kick it off with research done by the students of Republic Polytechnic. Moving forward, we invite Principle Investigators to nominate your students or you, yourself to submit abstracts for consideration for publication. We’ll promise you full editorial support on our end.

Sulastri Kamis
Asia Pacific Biotech News

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