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Vol 19, No 07, July 2015
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Happy 2014!

It's the start of another year, a blank slate, when everyone makes resolutions and plans for what to achieve in the days ahead.

We, here at APBN, too have our own resolutions, and one of those is to keep this magazine updated with news and features relevant and interesting to our readers. We hope to be able to fulfil this as the year unfolds.

The start of the year is when experts in every industry begin to make predictions for how the industry will change and develop in the year ahead. This year we invited experts from different fields to give us their views on the possible trends in the industry for the New Year ahead of us.

The healthcare industry in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is constantly evolving, with changes in areas such as care delivery and infrastructure development. Rhenu Bhuller, an analyst from Frost and Sullivan evaluates the evolutions in the industry and gives us her predictions on what the impact on the businesses might be.

Neuroimaging is the sometimes surreal field in which a doctor can use techniques to directly or indirectly view the human brain. We were lucky enough to be able to meet Dr. Mark van Buchem, an expert on neuroimaging, to learn more about the field as well as his thoughts on where the techniques and technology might progress in the future.

For reasons such as its impressive growth rate and large domestic market, India is an important contributor to the global pharmaceutical market. This importance of this contribution makes the country one to look out for in the future. Dr. Aman Trehan, along with Mr. Amol Gaikwad analyze the Indian pharma industry and share their predictions on what lies ahead for them.

We do hope that this issue will be enlightening for you!

Rachel Lim
Asia Pacific Biotech News

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