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AMSilk founder Professor Thomas Scheibel receives DECHEMA award

AMSilk's co-founder Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel received the 2013 DECHEMA award of the Max-Buchner-Research-Foundation for his work on spider silk. The award was presented at a special festive event at DECHEMA headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

DECHEMA is the German Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. The DECHEMA award includes prize money of 20 000 Euro.

Prof. Scheibel is one the world's leading scientists studying how spider silk works and how it can be manufactured by biotechnological processes. While he is focused on basic research, the results of his work laid the foundation for AMSilk, a German company which focuses on turning state-of-art research results into real life products, such as high performance fibers, wound care products and medical devices. One of his key discoveries is that silicone implants coated with recombinant spider silk protein are better accepted by the body and thereby undesirable side effects are reduced.

Prof. Scheibel is full professor at the chair of biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth in Germany.

Source: B3C Newswire

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